Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Beautiful winters day

A week or so ago we were having another gorgeous weather kind of winters day and headed out for a bit to enjoy it.  This was the first time we have hit the playground all together and all of us were able to move freely and enjoy it.  The kids are getting so big so fast and in turn getting easier to take out ( into open spaces that is).

This is a playground at the new elementary school Addison goes to.  Everything about the school and the grounds is awesome.  Our community is so lucky to have our kids to go to such a gorgeous and innovative place. 

Drew looks a bit weary....or he was thinking about what he could do next to make my blood pressure rise. I don't miss the anxiety involved with quick crazy movements and mini accidents.  Addy was like this too...full steam ahead all the time.

Loved the slide.  All 3 of them do. Drew is a daredevil, George is a tad bit harder to warm to things. He is cautious with most new experiences and often clings to Mama.  Addy loved slides as a little girl but at some point years ago she had a fall on a slide at church and decided to avoid them with a passion for about 6 months.  Thankfully she has recovered from this and is back to her beautiful fearless self.
Checking out how this all works.  So many different textures and levels.  Such a good sport at this .

 I wonder if they get those flutterings in their belly when something is scary or they become anxious with fear or excitement like adults do. Lord knows I do,and occasionally get them for others in those experiences even when I have no part in it.

Daddy is in on the fun too. He is massive but fits in the silliest of places when his kids want him to.  I manned this slide too but was a static mess and zapping everyone I touched for the next 20 minutes.
It has been such a phenominal experience raising kids with a man who is open to stuff.  It has made this spectacular time so free and full of joy.

All bundled up and very adorable.  Like little hunters.  Thank you Mimi for our adorably warm hats. There really isn't a cuter stage for kids.  If only all people were this adorable.

Not sure what he is to do here.  Not looking forward to braving the playground structures alone with the kids in the near future.  Lord knows they are out to get me with naughtiness....lol.
Walking in circles and thinking this is another planet for sure. My little lumberjack. 

George is happy just to be watching everyone enjoying themselves where ever we go.  He is a people watcher like his Mama.  I could be totally content on a park bench, diet coke in hand, watching people.

Yes.  I'm cute.  Mom tells me ALL the time.

 Just had to get a closer look at that little squished nose and chubby cheeks.

Another view.  

Can you believe that Drew will someday be a grown man??  Look how tiny he is.  Man, it happens to fast.  I hope they still want to spend time with us like this the older they become.
The static inducing slide. Drew was all smiles here. Drew, I love your little peanut head and those massive paws of yours!

Showing her brothers the ropes.  Addy, you are so beautiful!
 I think this is the only picture I managed to get of her the entire afternoon.  Like my Dad says, she has a motor in her butt! 

 Talk about fun people watching, this girl is the ultimate one to watch.  She can step in and out of a dream world in a snap.  So creative, inquisitive and adorable

Wood tastes nice.  Who would have thought?!
I have to pick my battles with him because he puts everything in his mouth.  He has to check everything out in every way possible. PLUS...this kids is known for temper tantrums.  AND the worlds worst cry.....we step lightly sometimes. 

Exploring. Look at that! The worlds tiniest little walker.
The afternoon was a great time out.  You know its going by too fast when all 3 of them are going in different directions. ....and fast.  I get such a kick out of watching them on foot and exploring.  They really have such a hard time navigating all the different landscapes they run into . Getting better everyday. ....Too cute to watch.  We just recently got them their first real pair of sneakers.  Talk about cute. 

This winter has been so tame.  Its been kind of a blessing not feeling so trapped like the usual winters hunkering down inside.  Still not enough though for me, very much looking forward to a real spring and being outdoors the majority of the day.  Life will be easier for sure and spirits will be pumped back up full time.  Who doesn't find themselves feeling more alive when sitting in the beautiful outdoors God created?  Fresh air, sounds of laughter, hearts pumping faster, colds ending.....spring come quick.

This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Addys number five birthday shirt.  Wearing it proudly!  Made it the same way I did with the boys and she thought she was a rock star in it.  Five is a pretty big deal around here!

"I am the vine, and you are the branches. If any remain in me, and I remain in them, they produce much fruit. But without me they can do nothing" (John 15:5).


 Andrew is playing with Addy's balloon bouquet from Pop and Mimi. A bunch of us got together for a simple birthday celebration for Addys big five! As soon as things settle down with the boys and the colds have run their course, we are going to have a kid party. Tonight was a bit of a throw together but super none the less. Addy was on her way home from dance and came in to this and a bunch of people who love her.  She was ear to ear grins.
 Gift opening time. Clothes, crafts and toys.
 Getting ready to sing in the big 5!  Where did my little tiny baby girl go??  How I miss your tiny little self , but am so blessed with your new big girl personality and your adorable ways.  The cutest, most empathetic, kind and intelligent little creature I have ever known.
 Never a prouder day than the day I brought you into this world Addy.  Before you I was happy and so was Daddy, but truly our life didn't begin until you took your first breathe in front of us.
 Daddy loves you and agrees that the five years we have spent with you have been the most magical of all our lives.
 Somewhere along the lines your brothers have become old enough to come to the table.  How did all this happen.  Three kids at the table....smiling just thinking of how blessed our family is.
 Two silly ladies.  Mimi and Addy post candle blow out.
 Some of the cupcakes we made together.  Addy decided what was to be .  Pink cake, green frosting and homemade candies for the top. 
 The girls enjoying the opening of the new Barbie.
 Addy is most at home with these ladies.  They are such great friends.
Grampa manning the boys for a bit.  He is holding his little twin George.  They really look so much alike.  Its crazy.
 My pretty lady broke into the make-up with her girlfriends.  How pretty.  Look at those eyes for real though.  Breathtaking.
 George sucking up the snuggles before everyone said their goodbyes. Thats always the hard part of the visits now.  When everyone leaves we have mini meltdowns over here.  The boys scream and bang the door.
 Beautiful girl  in her Little Mermaid nightgown from Mimi and Pop.  She wore this for days after.  Its her favorite
 Goodnight little five year old.  The light of my life.  The joy of my everyday.  You alone prove that there is a loving God ....
Night night sweetie.  You are loved by us more than you can probably ever imagine.  I hope this year goes by super slowly.  May God bless you abundantly with a beautiful future deeply full of joy.   We are excited to see how your life unfold and hope that through it all you are keenly aware of how deeply you are loved and how much you bring to our lives.

Love Mommy, Daddy, Drew and George

I will always show you where to go.
I’ll give you a full life in the emptiest of places—
firm muscles, strong bones.
You’ll be like a well-watered garden,
a gurgling spring that never runs dry.
Isaiah 58:11

 These are the birthday shirts I made for the big day.  It was super easy.  Some transfer adhesive, fun fabric and a t-shirt and we were in business.Look at that smile! He is always so happy ( most happy when he is being naughty).

 They both looked so cute and because they were part of such a momentous occasion, I tucked them away to add to their hope chests for when they are grown.  Look at those chubby little knees. I'm so glad I make sturdy little people because it just melts my heart.  I know eventually they will be super tall and skinny like Daddy so I am sure I will look back at their little round bodies in pictures and smile.

The Lord has done great things for us! We are glad!
Psalm 126:3

One is DOUBLE fun

Its here.  The one year mark.  Hard to believe but true.  The boys have been part of our family, breathing the same air for a whole year.  Its been a pleasure and immeasurable blessing. 

On their actual birthday , which fell on a Saturday ( January 14th....its taken a while to get this post up!), we had a party with friends and family. Most everyone we love was able to make it and we are so grateful for those peoples love on this wonderful day of reflection and celebration.  We made it through the hardest year and everyone is feeling blessed in our home.

 Cupcakes we made for our guests.  The frosting was to die for.
 Addy was very excited for the celebration to begin.  We still had her Number One candle from her first birthday so she thought that was pretty cool.
 My first experience with fondant.  It was an absolute disaster.  The kitchen was covered and this stuff is like glue. We ended up making 2 tiny cakes for the boys to eat or destroy.  Not sure I will ever ever work with this product again.
 Just about ready for guests to show.  Putting out all the snacks and goodies.
 My love bug is so helpful.  She is a little Mommy for our boys and I can always count on her to give me a hand.
Passing out cake and ice cream. Some of the people who love us and some of the decorations Addy, Matt and I got up a few nights prior.

 We sang Happy birthday and cheered before they tore into a cake of their own.  George did not hesitate a moment.  He took the opportunity full speed and by the time he was finished he had almost finished his entire cake!  Safe to say he thought the creation was delicious.
Andrew loved his cake as well but he was not quite himself.  As you can probably see, his eye is red and  the following day he came down with a pretty icky cold and a case of conjunctivitis.  Poor fella.  He did have a fun day despite the germs attacking...lol.
 The boys opening there birthday gifts.  They sat through the entire process.  I couldn't believe it.  They were in awe of all the new and fantastic toys.
The boys and their neighborhood buddy Eli.
Addison spent some awesomely fun quality time with her big cousins.  Undoubtedly her favorite part of the whole day.
 Hers Mommy with her little one year old blessings.  How they have grown and changed my life forever. 
Another proud parent. Daddy loves his men.
Last picture of the entire day. From two adults to a family of five.  This year flew by.  It has by far been the best season of our lives.

Happy birthday Drew and George.  We pray that God continues to bless you in the many many years ahead.  We feel so privileged that you were both given to us. We love you so very much and look forward to each new day with you.

"May the Lord give his angels charge over you, to guide you in all your ways…"
Psalm 91:11