Wednesday, August 31, 2011

That time again...School

 Well its that time of year again.  The start of school.  Addison started preschool once again.  She attended preschool at the public school last year, but is a January birthday, so she misses the kindergarten cut off. She has a new teacher this year and her classroom moved so it does feel like kind of a new experience.  They are doing the finishing touches to the brand new school so the kids will only be at this location till January....then its off to a gorgeous new elementary school!!     Its only 2 miles farther so it's still close by.

Ready and eager to head off.  We live half a mile from the elementary school so we get to walk her to and from on the nice days.  It was a beautiful morning.
This backpack was so big but it had a dog that resembled our pup Liberty who passed away not too long ago and she melted when she saw it. She had to have it and I agreed.

New duds head to toe.  She looked stunning. Shopping this year was so hard.  All the stores kids departments had clothes far too mature for little girls.  Very sad. It was horrible.  Luckily I found this adorable , very innocent, dress on clearance at Kohls.

 The envelope from the note I sent her. I very much enjoyed the time making it last night.

 I put a note in her lunchbox almost everyday last year.  I want her to know that she goes for her, not because we need a break, and we miss her and are thinking of her when she is there.  I'm an at home Mom so I feel funny sending her to preschool sometimes but I know she needs it. My plan was to homeschool my children, but having twin babies kind of threw a wrench in that idea. Who knows what we will decide on later on , but for right now its the right decision for our family. She loves to learn and is so social but with the boys needing so much from me moment to moment , its hard to give her all the attention, teaching and activities that she requires and deserves.  She goes to school Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 11:30 so it works perfectly. I really do look forward to picking her everyday and hearing about how much fun she is having.
 This was the corny note I wrote her and I stuck a picture of our family inside, that way she can keep it and look at it if she ever needs to. 

When I picked her up at school, I made sure I was the first one there waiting at the door.  She had a huge smile and proclaimed the day was a success, or at least the look on her face did. She said she got to play the Hokey Pokey.  Whats better than that?

 We proclaim Christ, admonishing and teaching our children with all wisdom, so that we may present all of our children perfect in Christ. To this end we labor, struggling with all his energy, which so powerfully works in us, their parents.
Colossians 1:28,29

Tiny Spoon

Putting the dishes away this evening I stumbled upon this very tiny utensil.  In case you don't recognize what on earth this tiny thing is, its a spoon.  Less than  an inch long actually.  It was in the kitchen drawer inside of the spoon bin.  Exactly where spoons go.Hmmm.....interesting, as I don't remember purchasing this obviously necessary kitchen item.  

Curiosity struck so I went to the most sensible person in the home, Addy.  I asked her if she knew anything about this.  She started to giggle and covered her mouth. " I found it.  That's what I eat my applesauce with.( insert lots of laughing from both child and two parents)"  No,seriously, she has been eating her snacks with it.  Have I been so busy I haven't noticed this ridiculousness or is she just a sneaky little bug? My child is such a funny little soul.  Oh how I love her.  She makes me laugh all day.

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

Proverbs 17:22

Monday, August 29, 2011

Canobie Lake Park 2011

This past friday a couple of us took a trip to Canobie Lake Park.  I felt like I was 8 again. It was like waiting for Christmas the night before. I rode this ride as a little girl and thought it was so cool. The Caterpillar....ahh, memories. The park is much more impressive now, but boy was it still a blast.
My Mother and Father in Law came by our house early in the morning and watched George and Drew so my husband, daughter, brother in law Mike, niece Jade, nephew Colin and I could take a big kid day at the park. The ride down took forever because I left that up to the men...hmmm.  Thats all Ill say and gently back away from the subject.  Of course that extra half hour of time did not phase them a bit as they sat in the front and I was back with the hooligans.

We ate everything bad for you and it was superb.  Cheesy fries, greasy burgers, fried dough, popcorn, ice cream....soda.  We did not skimp on a thing.
 An entire day with Addy and she got all the attention.  It was good for all of us and it was even better than we got to spend the entire day with our niece and nephew.  It was so fun and Addy eats up her time with them.  She thinks they are pretty special.  Life has been busy for everyone in the past year or two so this entire day was a big make up session for any time lost.
 Addy doesn't seem all that scared of much.  Everything that she could do , she did.  The Park was so so so busy so the lines were long and it was crowded but she stayed in a fantastic mood and seemed unphased with rides I reacted to like a  What I am supposed to do when she is over 48 inches and able to go on the horrible ones?.....not sure.  My husband is a bit of a wimp as well. 
 Now this seems like an odd sight to me to not have my cutie baby boys in the picture too.  We really did miss them terribly and I thought about them non stop but I did not worry for them even a moment because they were in the best arms.
 Jade, Mike and Colin were the dare devils.  They rode rides I wouldn't if my life depended on it.  What happens to our courage for dumb stuff once we bring children into the world??  No thanks to roller coasters that drop to the ground and you think you're going to die.  Nope.  Not this lady.
It was a wonderful day and I cant thank George and Nancy enough for making it possible.  They were with the boys for over nine hours and we came home to smiles and happy boys !  We are so grateful for family and for the love they pour on our three children.  Life is that much better sharing it and feeling loved. Time goes and slips by fast so don't hide from it, hoping to stay forever in a moment, or wish it to pass to get to that special event, because it will keep passing whether we like it or not so be present and be grateful.

"Where can I go from your Spirit?... All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be."Psalm 139

A 'first' at Damon Pond

 Matt took last Wednesday off so we could get in some family time.  Because of how difficult the end of the pregnancy was with the boys, Matt used a ton of days when I could not get up out of the bed anymore or do much else for that matter.  Lots of time was used up doing this so we did not take a vacation this year. We are making it up by taking a day here and there to do fun activities.  Its been just as fun.  A random afternoon at a time.
 This was the boys first real visit to a body of water.   We went to Damon Pond in Ashby, Massachusetts.  We packed a bag and spent a few hours testing the waters.
 Both boys loved it and the water was actually quite cold.  The beach was practically vacant so we had the place to ourselves.
 We couldn't put the boys down because they insisted on grabbing handfuls of sand and trying to eat it.  Disgusting.  George got in quite a bit.  When he first sat down and started to go at it, I was getting such a kick out of the site that I was too slow in reaction and some of it was not retrievable.  Matt was not down with the sand eating, although I have caught him allowing the boys to chow down on clover in the backyard like a bunch of grazing animals.
 The gross and gritty taste of dirty, germy pond sand did not deter him.   Luckily Andrew was with Daddy and was carefully watched in the sand exploration.  Sorry fault
 Addy was super stoked.  The whole day with all of us.  She ruled the beach and swam confidently in the water.  The swim lessons really paid off because she is a little fish.
 Looking for fish and exploring the depths.  She found out, with the help of Daddy, that she could walk completely across the pond to the other side.  Not me.  If I cant see the bottom, I want nothing to do with it.  My aging has caused me to avoid things I typically would have gotten a kick out of.
 Not sure what she was doing here but it looks like a lot of fun.  With her imagination she could have been doing just about anything.  Looks like she is on the run from something. Wild animal? Daddy antics? Who knows.  Nothing would surprise me these days.
 ...and across the pond they go.  Have fun.  This Mom is enjoying the alone time, even if its for three and a half minutes.
 They had a great time checking out the water, the sand and the woods.  We are looking forward to doing this next summer when the boys are a bit bigger.  I cant believe they will be 18 months this time next year! Time does fly when your having fun.
 Daddy and Addy went out to play and Mom my sat with the boys.  I tried every tactic to try and keep them happy on the blanket and away from the sand.  It was nearly impossible and it wasn't long before I had to tag in the Dad.
 Food helps to keep them occupied.  They love to try and pick up finger foods and they are getting pretty good at it.  Most  of the time they enjoy cheerios and puffs but today they got some Pepperidge farm fishy crackers.  A bit hit.
 A joy to watch and listen to.  George makes delightful sounds when eating. This is something from my side of the family. He loves nothing more than eating and its like a song.  So adorable.  Andrew just gets down to business and quick.  He's no fool....he knows you gotta be quick around here to get what you want.
The best part of the day was seeing the happiness on Addy's face.  This 'first' was super for the boys but more importantly Addy had Mom and Dad back to our normal ways of doing fun stuff.  This winter , the pregnancy and the arrival of the boys sucked a lot of time that would have been hers away.  Now that we have 'figured things out' ( or at least have a handle on it) we are able to give back the time she deserves and the attention that we yearn to give her.  She is such a resilient little being and its my hearts desire that she knows we love her more now than ever.

Oh how we love our Addison Lee.

In your relationships with one another, have the same attitude of mind Christ Jesus had.
 Philippians 2:5

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Baptism....uncharged battery bummer

 Two Sundays ago my cousin Stacy and her husband Jeremy (little Colin too!) invited us to the baptism of their four month old twins, Zachary and Autumn.  So fun to see another set in our family and spend more time with people we love.  The kids did a great job in the church but at the end the need for bathroom breaks led us to spend the last five minutes of the service in front of the beautiful church.  It was gorgeous out so we just laid in the grass and did what we do best.We had some time to sit, reflect and enjoy a peaceful time together.  Unfortunately our camera is sometimes not charged, meaning a wasted camera day and I wasn't able to get a single shot of the babies, but the service was memorable and the Pastor was phenomenal.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us .

 Matt and his boys.  I am thankful for his large stature and his ability to handle them both at once.  My arms are tired from this most of the time so the free swinging arm time is welcome!
My precious Addy just hanging out in the bushes.  She loves inspecting the plant world around her and looking for bugs to capture.
 Stopping to smell the flowers.
 Addy also enjoys setting up photo ops.  This was one of hers.
 My babies wanting to be on the move and Mommy desperate to hold time still in a picture , even if for just a brief moment.
Hands full.  Heart full.
 Such a unique relationship they have.  I hope they stay close forever and keep this little quirky love alive through the years.

Nothing like the love between a Daddy and his children.
 In the grass like little spiders.  Eating grass and sticks.  No big deal :)
 Take it in now because these boys wont be crawling for long.  They are cruising furniture and ready to run!
Its fun all the time. Tired arms,  busy feet, hungry mouths, loud noises, mischief, crying eyes, snuggles, 'firsts'.....its all beautiful.
After the service we were invited to a Chinese restaurant for a delicious lunch.  This is where the uncharged battery failed. It was lovely just the same. Probably the most beautiful Catholic Baptism Ive been a part of.  The boys had Chinese food for the first time ever and Addy had a dance in her step all day because Chinese food is her favorite.  Add a couple kids to play with and she is in heaven! All the little kids ran with one another and didn't stop until it was time to leave.  Addy's idea of a perfect day.  Any weekend that involves the celebration of the ones you love is one we look forward to.  Especially when it involves welcoming a new child into the home/family of the Church.

Each and every one of Gods creations are nothing short of a miracle.  As the Pastor said, "How could you not believe in God when you see an infant and the relationship of parent and child?"  So true.  We are Gods children and Zachary and Autumn are just two of the works of His glorious hands.  He had the story written for them long ago and placed them into Stacy and Jeremy's loving arms.  How perfect a beginning. Looking forward to watching each one of their stories unfold. 

Zachary and Autumn, may God keep you and pour His love and Grace on you.  May You be keenly aware at every turn in life, that you serve a mighty and powerful God.  May God guide your Mom in Dad on the path of your future with a firm foundation in Christ.  You are loved.

Now they were bringing even infants to him that he might touch them; and when the disciples saw it, they rebuked them. But Jesus called them to him, saying, ‘Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of God’" (Luke 18:15–16)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Free Funnies ...hubby gone wild

As most of you know I have a serious addiction.  I am a freebieaholic.  This is new, about 3 months now, but it is quite an obsession.  My husband gets such a kick out of seeing me get our mail and coming back with an arm load of 'junk'
( which is what most of it is , but hey, its free and its not a bill). Anyways.....he thought he would have some fun with it.

About a week ago I got this cleverly placed envelope and it 'looked' like maybe a possible freebie I had missed.  A company called "WintersEbb".  Interesting.  How dare I miss this precious piece of mail!?!  So I opened it and this is what I got.
 Page one....interesting.  I have ruined the Freebie system for all.

Interesting questionnaire , don't you think .

Difficult choices....

Option C sounds pretty good compared to A and B.

Well I hope you enjoyed this.  Although it is beyond bizarre, I thought it was one of the kindest things ever done for me. Who knows how long he took to make this but I will forever remember how it tickled my bones reading it and realizing how clever my husband really is. It means that he understands me, listens to me and enjoys making me happy....even if it comes from a teasing stand point.  I bet he is reading this right now and slightly embarrassed but I felt inspired to share.  He is a hoot and  a half!

I am very lucky lucky woman. I have a husband that provides for us.
I have a husband that protects and would at all costs.
 I have a husband that makes it a point to bring joy to mine and my children's lives.  
He does the little things.  I deeply appreciate the tiniest of things....even if I don't tell him enough. So there it is....I appreciate you Matt and I am grateful for the six foot three blessing you are.  God must love me a lot because he gave you to me AND your three  beautiful children.    I love you.

Enjoy life with the wife whom you love, all the days of your vain life that he has given you under the sun, because that is your portion in life and in your toil at which you toil under the sun.
                                                Ecclesiastes 9:9

Let the Mischief begin.....

This is my view most days.  Over and over and over.  The boys are officially crawling madly and quick. Yes, it is exactly as it looks.  My 7 month old is playing/chewing on cables in a very small crevice between the wall and the couch. Here is an accomplished grin on his face as he knows exactly how darn cute he looks  caught red handed drenched in mischief.  He makes it very hard not to burst into laughter when I see that smile and the way he manipulates his eye brows.  He is the most  expressive creature I have ever met.
 Its already begun. Craziness and the need to go go go. (And I thought having two tiny and needy infants was hard....yikes! )

My husband refers to them as the animals or critters.  The three of them are all over the place, all of the time. I am satisfied and kind of proud when I say that there is not a lot of crying in our home. Boy oh boy though, it is LOUD enough.  My daughter finds it absolutely necessary to sing everything and sing all the time.  Its beautiful really, and the content of her self composed songs are pretty amazing, but the background noise of it can be difficult to manage.  When she is not singing she is typically wrestling with her brothers, breaking into the fridge for 50th time of the day, putting on a dance show to 'Mr. Roboto',making a huge mess with every craft item in the home , acting like a wrecking ball with her buddies next door or shrieking through the house with delight. It is hard to find a place to catch a bit of stillness or a moment of quiet.  It simply is not in our vocabulary  anymore.  Sometimes I am even amazed at myself for the amount of stuff I sometimes manage to do with all three under foot.
 Andrew is so stinking funny.  Most of the time he crawls around with the straightest face or with his lip tucked under like an old toothless man.  Then if he catches someone looking at him he breaks out into the hugest one dimpled smile.  I'm not sure what kind of mood I caught him in here but its so rare it makes me laugh.  He is obviously unimpressed.
 The boys officially play together.  The mumblings are cute but the scratching each others eyes out is NOT.  Too young to understand but I am constantly separating them from the evil claws of the other. Andrew is doing his old man grin here.  I guess this maneuver of the mouth helps with hurting gums. Whatever works.
 Addy loves them to pieces.  This picture makes the house look serene.  Trust me , its an illusion. This is rare.  She is finally able to interact with them and its so great to witness. ( except for the fact that she is constantly picking them up and dragging them around like dolls). They love to pull her hair and chase her around the house.  I always imagined that when this season came that she would lose her cool with them and lash back when they hurt her, but it is just the opposite.  She is so calm and gentle, its crazy.  The boys can be brutal but she's like a little mama.  Thank God He created her with the perfect temperment in the times that its necessary.
 Another fun fun fun time in our home.  Meals ALWAYS look like this.  Actually this is a mild mannered eating experience compared to most.  I read an email once that feeding a baby is like feeding an octopus....its true. Twins is absolute defeat. At some point I gave up bibs altogether because it just didn't help.  Between bites George rams his fist into his mouth.  (Hoping its just a phase. ) We moved them to their walkers when they eat breakfast and dinner because it was pure misery washing two highchairs after each sitting. 
 Makes me tired looking at the messy faces and thinking that I have to begin this process again in a few hours and then again and again and again.
 A pretty cute view.  They are often found on Addy's lap like this.  Awesome sight.
 Someone always gets hurt.
 Poor George is getting his turn.
Now Mama.  Addy is actually trying to save me here.  She is under the strict impression that girls stick together.  This makes us great friends.  We are outnumbered so I guess this is a bonus!Girl Power!( insert a high five)

I hope that every season of your families lives are greeted with eagerness not to just make it through but with a sense of excitement and joy. There will always be messes, housework to do, noise to put up with and mini disasters along the way, so try to just be grateful that the good AND the not so good that is your life is YOURS. Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord.

Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy; then they said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.” 
Psalm 126:2