Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dad and Smom visited Monday night.  They brought goodies for the kids and a delicious ice cream cake shaped as Frosty the snowman.  Cute and sooo yummy. 

The visit was bittersweet because its that time of year again....Grammy goes back to Columbia for a while.  She left yesterday and will not be back until January fifteenth.  Bummed out because she is such an important part of ours and the kids lives and with is being the holidays we miss her a lot.  We visit every week so to go so long without seeing her stinks. Totally understand her need to go though as my step sister, brother in law and nieces live there and this is the only time they get to see one another during the year. 

Someday I hope that they will be able to visit here once a year or come here and live for good.  The policy with the US and Columbia makes it incredibly difficult to do normal visiting like in other parts of the world. No fun because of this I have never even been able to see my nieces in person .  Thank goodness for sites like Facebook that allow us to feel like we are part of each others lives.

Anyways, we miss Grammy already.  We had a wonderful visit and look forward to seeing her in January.  Just in time for Addys fifth birthday!  We love you two so much and are so grateful to have you such active parts of our lives.

The Lord watch between you and me, when we are out of one another's sight. 
Genesis 31:49

Walk Walk

Horrible picture, I know, but its the first one to capture the good news.  Drew and George are walking. Not all day but they can and do often.  Its been going on for about a week and half now.  Drew was about 3 days ahead of George but thats how they do it.  Once one has hit a milestone, it is always a matter of a few days until the other is right on track with them.  So...its boys are like toddlers. Its ridiculously adorable to watch such tiny humans making their way around like little drunk sailors. There are plenty of things that are not so desirable with this new found ability but I am just too excited about all the goodness to even delve into any of it.  Plus sometimes the naughty stuff is just the cutest to witness!

How I adore this age.  The uneven toothy grins,their haphazard way of getting one place to the other and the beginning of initiated affection.  The open mouth kisses are so precious. Drool and boogers have never been so welcomed as they are here today. Come and give your Mommy some love!

We really are having the absolute time of our lives.  Could not be happier.  I don't think its humanly possible to get life much better than it is today.  Has me thinking of how blessed this family is NOT unnoticed.  Maybe not in riches, but the love it overflows. 

If I had only known 5 years ago that my life would be the way it is, I would have relaxed a bit more.  I guess I had to really see it to believe it.  God provided a way for me to turn my entire life around.  He has been so faithful. That doesn't go to say that every prayer has been answered ( or at least not the answer I wanted).  There have been moments of agony in loss and such where I didn't understand and still don't understand the 'answer', but I trust that it is His and I say lets keep on rolling. I don't feel worthy to have this amount of joy in my heart, but He thinks I am. Thank you God for the little things.  The kisses, the full tummies, the sunrise everyday...I serve an awesome God.

Do not save riches for yourselves here on earth, where moths and rust destroy, and robbers break in and steal. Instead, save riches for yourselves in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and robbers cannot break in and steal. For your heart will always be where your riches are.
Matthew 6:19-21

Mimi Monday

 Monday was an uneventful day.  We were waiting for a visit from Papa and Grammy when there was a knock on the door. It was Addy's side kick Mimi! How lucky are my kids to see three of their grandparents in one day!? The surprise visits can throw me off , but I am always grateful they happen.  The kids adore her.

Mimi surprised Addison with her first Lalaloopsy doll.  Until now I hadnt a clue what they were but I must admit they are pretty darn adorable.  Button eyes and all. I think Mimi was just as excited as Addy was. 
 Both boys had just woken up from their afternoon naps when she arrived so it took Drew a bit longer to warm up.  He was zombified. He is always this way. Once he warms though there is no stopping him.
Mimi and her little boyfriend. George has grown a serious affection for her.  The entire visit he was right in front of her face, attacking her or rolling over her body.  I think here he is trying to impress her with his new ability to stand alone and even take steps.
Hair pulling when they like a girl starts really early in life.
Back for more.

 Mimi is loving the attention as much as he loves giving it.  Watching my children interact with my parents melts my heart. I cannot believe that I am no longer eighteen years old dreaming of the future and thinking how I just want to be an adult.  The time is now.  Thirty three years ago I was in my mothers arms just like this.

Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the glory of children is their fathers. 

Proverbs 17:6

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Especially thankful for..... 2011 - Addy

Still not exactly positive what is up with the giant belly button thing that shows up on most drawings but the message is clear. This child is on fire for the Lord.
Proud Mom and Dad.

Family Tree 2011- Addy

Family Tree Addy worked on at Preschool last month.  It made us laugh like crazy.  Apparently that is George and Drew on top of the tree..... Not only are they on top of the tree ( funny in itself) but they have some kind of giant belly button of sorts.  When I asked her about this picture she chuckled and explained that she didnt get to do alot because she was excited to go play.  Who knows what would have been a part of this had she not been tempted to run off with friends.

The Day after Thanksgiving

 Every year we get our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.  This year, because the day had gotten away from us, Matt and Addy went on the tree finding venture alone.   I had crazy baby boy duty and was in charge of getting them to bed and prepping tree stuff.
 First pre-tree tree picture together.  We feel bad not having all of us do this annual event together but after hosting dinner the night before we were all exhausted and the boys needed to get back onto schedule.
Mom and kids .  This is the best kind of photo.  Un rehearsed, all real.
She cracks me up.  She was decked and ready to go on an 'adventure' with Dad.  Head lamp and all. She assured me she would get the best tree for us.  I put it all in her hands.  Daddy was just there to pay and transport.  She was confident that with her headgear she could get the job done.  To Walmart they went.  Sounds bizzarre to get your tree there but they are less than thirty dollars and we have never had a bad one yet.  Next year we will do the whole sleigh ride and cut your own route.  Will be a more involved memory and something we have never done.
Tree is home and Addy is proud.  Now is the test.  Will it be another beauty?
Taking stock of ornaments and Addy picked the ones she would be in charge of.  I love looking through them again every year and this year was especially fun because she was actually interested in the story behind each one . Next week as an Advent activity we will do our trip out to each pick our own ornament for the year.
Daddy puts it up and Mommy does the lights.
 She found a hiding spot to investigate the ornaments further.  I love these moments when I catch the kids in their own quiet space.  She is under the tree , safe, comfortable and engaged in her own little world.  These moments are priceless.  These are the moments I feel most proud as a Mom.  To see your child completely at ease in life...not a care because they know that 'everything is ok.'
Daddy got to sit back and chow down while the girls of the house got things beautiful.  Addy really was incredibly helpful and 90% of the placement of her ornaments are still in the spots she put them in.   The tree turned out fabulous.
Honor of the finishing touches.  This will always be her special job.  Fun to look back at the pcitures from years before of her and Matt doing this exact same thing.
Once things were coming to an end as far as decorating the tree, I went ahead and wrapped all the picture frames in the house.  It gives it a real warm feel and changes things up a bit.  An old friend of mines Mom use to do it and Ive done it every year since seeing it and falling in love with the idea.
The boys seeing the tree for the first time the next morning . My husband is a rock star as far as getting important things done like this gate.  The tree wouldn't have lasted a day with the boys.  While everyone was in bed Matt even put in a new outlet behind the tree to avoid having wires around. ( I was nervous about this set up and the safety of the kids....and he saved the day)
Andrew loves it.  Look at that face. Such a silly boy.

George loved it so much he used his brother as a step ladder to try and get a closer look.

The end of the year is turning out great.  So many precious memories as a family of five. Looking forward to what the Advent Calendar has in store for adventures in the weeks to come.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blessings Overflowing

One huge turkey
Homemade gravy
Cranberry sauce
Mashed Potatoes
Fresh Green Beans
Sweet Potatoes
Brown Sugar Carrots
We hosted Thanksgiving at our home this year.  Believe it or not it was an incredibly laid back day.  Truly no stress. Matt manned the Turkey, I most of the fixings and Addy decorated.  Other than a few burnt rolls the day was a success.
 Drew's first thanksgiving feast.  This boy can eat.  He had quite a time watching everyone and interacting with Papa.  He kept stretching his arms out towards him and trying to touch him with his gooey hands. Papa kept reacting so he kept on doing. He knows when he gets a rise out of people because the naughty behaviors continue with a mischievous grin and laugh.  He is such a handful.  He makes me laugh all day.
 George could not get enough of the mashed potatoes.   Nana was close and kept the animal in control because if you don't move quick with these boys you are sure to hear some growling.  Don't let that adorable face fool you...he WILL get what he wants.
 This was one of maybe 3 photos I got of Addy girl all day.  She is so busy all the time and when I can manage to get a shot she grumbles and acts like a teenager.  Here she is giving me a hard time and hanging with Gramps.  Normally this kid loves meat.  She is a carnivore BUT this year she has refused to eat this 'turkey', says she doesn't eat animals and will never again.  This better be a phase or it will be my fault.
 Dinner buddies.
Love this.  Love them.
 Sitting with the big folks watching the kids boogie on down to some Dance Dance Revolution.  Most everyone eventually danced.  After the turkey comas started to subside, the goofy fun began.  If only I could have had a fly on the wall actually video tape.
Some of the guys just hanging together.
 Addy and Lori planning the moves to destroy Tyler.  These two are good buds.  Addy loves the girls of the house.  Girl Power.  Love this age.  These two were a cute new addition to our holidays this year.
Many new faces at our table. God keeps pouring on the blessings.(The rest of us just another year older.) 

Last year we sat at my Dad and Smoms dining room table and I tried to eat with four legs kicking my plate while I could barely get close enough to eat. Two little boys inside me. So strange.  I was so uncomfortable and ready for the boys to be here.  Its a year later and the boys are closing in on their firsts birthdays.  How does this all slip away so easily?  Almost unnoticed.  This realization gets painful sometimes.  I'm so scared that I will be writing another thanksgiving entry tomorrow...or it will feel like it.  Slow it all down...

Our family is immensely blessed in every way.  Daily life goes by and I forget to just thank Him....there are unending reasons at every turn, in each second. Don't get me wrong, there have been many ups and downs, pain, struggle and loss but in the end it is crystal clear that God shows us His favor daily,moment by moment.  In the pits and on the highest most awesome peaks. How can we thank him in the calm and content times and not in the trials? Through this life I choose to trust Him. Thank you God.

Our God is so good.  

Today I am thankful for my life.  

I am thankful for yours. 

Thankful for a husband who is a real good friend.

I am thankful for healthy , happy children.

I am thankful for healthy family whom I love deeply.

Just plain thankful.  Deeply thankful.

What have I done to deserve His love and blessings ?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Itty bits of love for itty bitty Addy

 When Preschool began this year I knew she would have no problem adjusting.  She was starting out with a new teacher though after thinking all along until the last minute that it was someone else .  I left her notes daily to surprise her in her snack box.  They are very low budget and not too interesting but I enjoyed coming up with something two seconds before running out the door.  For the most part I think it made her feel special.  Once she did say it is embarrassing with a snicker....I kept on for a while until I realize she would then put them into other children's lunch boxes as 'love' notes. Because Matt and I are working on not keeping everything in the world that has any sentimental value, I decided to put them on here , then toss them.  That way when she is screaming in a high pitched voice when she is thirteen years old that no one cares about her...there will be proof.

May the Lord direct your hearts into  the love of God and into the steadfastness and patience of Christ and in waiting for His return. 
2 Thessalonians 3:5