Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dad and Smom visited Monday night.  They brought goodies for the kids and a delicious ice cream cake shaped as Frosty the snowman.  Cute and sooo yummy. 

The visit was bittersweet because its that time of year again....Grammy goes back to Columbia for a while.  She left yesterday and will not be back until January fifteenth.  Bummed out because she is such an important part of ours and the kids lives and with is being the holidays we miss her a lot.  We visit every week so to go so long without seeing her stinks. Totally understand her need to go though as my step sister, brother in law and nieces live there and this is the only time they get to see one another during the year. 

Someday I hope that they will be able to visit here once a year or come here and live for good.  The policy with the US and Columbia makes it incredibly difficult to do normal visiting like in other parts of the world. No fun because of this I have never even been able to see my nieces in person .  Thank goodness for sites like Facebook that allow us to feel like we are part of each others lives.

Anyways, we miss Grammy already.  We had a wonderful visit and look forward to seeing her in January.  Just in time for Addys fifth birthday!  We love you two so much and are so grateful to have you such active parts of our lives.

The Lord watch between you and me, when we are out of one another's sight. 
Genesis 31:49

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