Monday, April 22, 2013

Low Key March 2013

Mini Month catch up.....

March started with a girls afternoon to have pedicures.  
Addy's very first.
 George found the new dress up corner of our playroom.  
He comes up with the most ridiculous costumes. 
 Drew and the kids have really made Hollis feel very at home here. 
 Here the two of them are watching life from a dogs eye view.
Hollis' favorite spot.  
She has gotten so big in the past several weeks.
 Here Hollis is royally mad that Daddy left for work and did not bring her along as the side kick.  
She went from window to window howling and moaning about how wronged she had been done.
Kids new favorite lunch time food is EVERYTHING dunked in peanut butter.  
It looks more like I dunk each one of them in it as well once they are through.
 Addy and her Hollis. 
 She says she is the best puppy ever.
 Boys now LOVE coloring and are really able to sit and play for a bit. 
That is of course until someone eats an entire crayon, colors on the hard wood floors and decides to kick the other ones butt out of nowhere.  
We have a lot of that stuff these days.
This is probably the result of either a very long week or simple no sleep.  
Our whole family spent about two hours having a good old time in Walmart.  Being parents is pretty exciting on a Friday evening.
 Nana and Addy had a girls day and went shopping.  
Nana dressed Addy for Easter top to bottom. 
 She looked like a little angel in her new clothes.
 Easter was in late March. 
 Papa, Grammy and our family headed down to Billerica to Uncle Bill and Aunt Debbie's.  
We have been going for a few years now but this year the kids of the cousins can really play together and is fun and so much easier.
 Second Cousins.  
Who on earth ever would have thought that we would be middle aged parents at ANY point.  
Pretty awesome to have our kids play together though.
 Boys being boys.  
Everyone came home with green bums from playing on the 'slide'.
 Daddy and George.  
That guy and I make a pretty awesome team. 
 I love how much he loves me and his babies.
AND...the best part of the Month......

He is Risen folks.  
Christ conquered the grave so that you and I can live and experience love and forgiveness here on Earth AND for all eternity with a mighty , all powerful God.

All praise and Glory to Him who loved us first.

Now if we died with Christ, we believe that we will also live with him. For we know that since Christ was raised from the dead, he cannot die again; death no longer has mastery over him. The death he died, he died to sin once for all; but the life he lives, he lives to God. In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus. (NIV)
Romans 6:8-11

February 2013

        In January I found myself on a few sites via facebook that dealt with rescue dogs. Our family had our hearts set on a dog named Hensley that was a brown and white Shepard mix.  We had been approved and were simply waiting for the pup to get healthy and up to date with everything to get ready for transport.  Unfortunately  Hensley never got better but ended up getting worse.  He never recovered from his sickness and passed away before we could get him home.  It was the first time since Liberty passed away that I had opened my heart and our family up to the idea of bringing home a new dog.  We were so disappointed in the outcome but determined that there was a puppy out there that needed us as much as we needed them.

          About a week or so later I was tagged in a photo of this adorable pup named 'Sid'.  Pure white with the cutest facial markings.  I fell in love immediately.  She had been dropped off at a high kill/gassing shelter in North Carolina with two siblings, also little girls.  We contacted the wonderful woman Toni who is the master of puppy rescue and were shown all three and given a had to be 'Sid' because Addy had her heart set the moment she laid eyes on her!

After a few weeks wait we were able to bring her home!!!  Luckily we were able to find homes for both sisters as well.  My mother in law adopted Sam and an old friend of mine took home Sky.  Matt and his Mom drove down to meet Toni at a designated place halfway in Connecticut.  Addy had the pleasure of going and I sat home waiting for the news that she was OURS!!!  It  was like waiting for the arrival of a new baby.  

We quickly renamed her 'Hollis' which had a sentimental reason.  Matt and I fell in love there and lived in the town of Hollis when we first moved in with one another.  It was perfect for her.

This was two of the sisters in a crate waiting to go home.

 This was the first photo I received via text message when she was in our families arms for the first meeting.  Addy was over the moon.

 It was a long three hours to wait after being the one doing the handy work with Toni to get her here. Torture really because it was all I was seeing and working on for weeks. When they arrived at the door and she popped her head in , I was instantly full of joy.  She was the one we had been waiting for all this time.  The puppy to fill the void that sweet Liberty left behind back in 2010.

She fits in just beautifully and its like she has always been here.  It was a bit of a transition, as most big things are, but with time it was old bag and everything fell in to place. 

 The Gregg family had grown once again. 
 The Gregg's.....The Gregg family of six.

"I now establish my covenant with you and with your descendants after you and with every living creature that was with you-the birds, the livestock and all the wild animals, all those that came out of the ark with you-every living creature on earth." 
(Genesis 9:9-10)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Goodbye for now

 Another big change occurred for our kids this past January.  Their very best friends packed up and moved ( temporarily) to Alabama . It was for the military so they will be back but Addy is measuring time by what grade in school she will be in when they get back home to her.  This does not make her happy and we have had some really hard talks about her first experience with heartache. Its so hard to see her missing them so bad. Such a hard concept for little folks.  We just keep reminding her that they will be back and they miss her so much too.

 We almost missed saying goodbye the night before.  I for sure thought we wouldn't be able to visit but Sara showed up late that night and they were able to get in those last crazy kid hugs.  I, myself, was feeling mighty sad to see the kiddos go too.  Its been so fun watching them all grow up together and I feel like I'm going to be missing those 4 little faces at my door wanting to play each day. Sure going to be quiet out there.

 It Its so important  for a child to have a ton of people loving them.  I do believe it takes a village to raise a tender hearted child.  Its certainly been a comfort to Matt and I over the years to know that our kids were being well loved by the Washburns when they were over with them too. 

Seven  perfect little people.  That's a whole lot of greatness right there. 
Looking forward to the day they come back for good and its right back to the way it should be.....loud, funny,crazy but joy filled to the brim.

Addy would say, see you when I'm in second grade!!  

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Psalm 127:3

January 2013 ....

January 2013 was terribly, wonderfully bittersweet to say the least.  All three of my preciously naughty and wickedly adorable children had their birthdays.  


Every time January rolls in I feel so proud and excited  but deeply heavy in my heart.   There are so many days (don't get me wrong I enjoy fully) inside I am ready for the day to 4:00pm. Then our friend January pops up, the birthdays begin, and I regret every thought about my need for peace and quiet from the prior 364 days. 

I just want the time back.  I selfishly want them to stay this way forever. 

 God has designed this all a particular way and my whimpering and whining would do no good.  In the big picture I am their Mom so I made out pretty good in the scheme of things.  I'm luckier and luckier each day and each step I walk with them.   II must stop mourning the loss of time and celebrating the gift of the moment and the milestone to be. So, I am undigging my heels and going to start taking the steps in stride, pausing often  to thank the good Lord for allowing me to be Mommy to these fantastic creations.

 Drew and George are TWO!
 Happy Birthday !
 Big Six.  Where did my tiny little lady go?  Slow down peanut, Mom is having a hard time with you becoming a little woman so fast.
 Boys chilling dangerously on their new trampoline ball pit. Mom cannot wait to deflate this even though it took an hour of my life inflating it with a HAND pump.
 Life is great!!
 Friends...growing up giggle at a time.
 Giant trampoline ball pits allowed in the middle of the living room ONLY on birthdays.  This thing was RI-DIC-U-LOUS !
Hide and Seek with friends.  Drew forgot to come out and just sat and watched the kids for a while.  At least he can relax and just take life in.  Mom could learn a bit from you my man.

Happy Birthday you awesome creatures!!!

God, I couldn't properly articulate how deeply you have touched my heart with the gift of motherhood.  Without it I dont believe I could have thouroughly grasped just how passionatly you love me.  The unimaginable sacrifice you made to show us all how fully you love and care for us.  You have crafted our every detail Lord and I am in awe.  My prayer is that my children with grow to love you more each year, each day, and that they will desire to bring glory to your name in even the tiniest and silliest of childhood things.. ... The way only a child can.  

  All your children shall be taught by the LORD, and great shall be the peace of your children. Isaiah 54:13

Sunday, April 14, 2013

End of summer 2012....

......summer welcomed a  new and exciting addition to our lives.  Daddy built this awesome swing set!!  Complete with a rock stage for our budding performers.  This yard gets more and more fun each season.
7 Kids using every inch of the backyard all day everyday.  If you have never experienced joy then just listen in for a bit.
This summer Addy graduated to the next class up.  Not only does she jump off the diving board ( something she said she refused to EVER try) she goes in alone and can go under for a little swim with the fish!  Warms our hearts to see her confidence building each day. 
 Water everyday...and in its many forms.  The boys love the sprinkler which is so nice considering Addy at this age was pretty weary of it. 
Squishy Baff.  Such an interesting experience.  Of course the adults around here haven't quite reached the maturity level of most.  I think our kids will be better for it though.
 The convenience of eating outside and its many benefits did not get lost on us. 
We had tons of fun swinging the warm evenings away.
 Not many pictures on hand here on the computer here but this is one of the Gregg men taken at a local Farm.  We bought 10 passes to enjoy this place and this particular night was the boys first experience here.  I highly recommend this place, Friendly Farm.  We left pretty covered in animal waste but TOTALLY worth ever dirty shoe.
The garden girls.  Most of the afternoons were spent elbow deep in dirt.  Fresh food everyday.  Sure is fun and such a cool time teaching the little ones about where our food comes from.  The boys used the pea rows to run and hide.  Next year we will have a decoy garden to keep the boy critters out of our space :)
 In late summer  my mother and I took Addy to go visit her great grandpa.  He is getting up their in years and thinks little girls are the cutest.  We stopped here to eat at Aunt Pappys ice cream spot.This was her bench.
 Still has it after all these years.  It pains my heart to see the proof of time passage. As far as being the granddaughters I should be, I'm failing quite a bit. Fully really. I don't go down often at all.  Truth is that it frightens me a bit.  Every drive down to Concord rushes back floods of memories of growing up.  Great memories but with it comes a lot of sadness.  My goal this summer is to make right with this.
Addy calls him little old Papa.  She always gets a little quiet there but when we leave she always talks for days after about how cute that little old guy is . rolls Fall 2012.

And its begun.  Addy is part of the school system.  The big Kindergartner .  She was so excited and really only nervous that I was going to embarrass her.  Papa and Grammy had come over the night before with that adorable dress she is wearing .  Papa had picked it out himself!!  We ordered that cool tie dye backpack on line and she picked out her own 31 ( company name) thermal lunch tote with her name on it.  She was feeling mighty special.  Mom and Dad were feeling a bit overwhelmed with how much its all speeding along.
 Kindergarten school picture.  Mrs. Caravellas class.  There is a teachers asst in the class that she really digs named Mrs Jewell.   Its very comforting to know she is somewhere that she feels happy and safe.
 Giant Pterodactyl's!!!!!Soccer , Soccer, Soccer!!!!  This was a great year for soccer.  She is a little natural.  Never a side comment or moan about going.  Its becoming more enjoyable to watch too for us!  She loved all the family spectators cheering her on on the weekends too .
 Annual trip to Windy Hill Farms.
 Enjoying some time in the orchard.
 Two pumpkins.
Bo using their own legs and letting Mom and Dad and enjoy themselves...mostly.
 Halloweens in Townsend at Nana and grampas.  A family of super hero's.
 Two tired hero's
Best Folks EVERRR. Until they are about 8.
 Who says only boys can save the day???
Most fun time of year.

Uncle Mark and Elisabeth got married and look who was the flower girl.  Stunning.
 Not one family picture but what can you do.
 So handsome.
Who could be cuter?
 Daddy turned  old...haha and this is a gift from Mom to him.  Best gift ever.
Birthday Cupcake fun with the Gregg girls.

.....and last but not least, Mommy's least favorite season, Winter.

 First real winter to semi enjoy the snow for the little guys.  Addy and her friends are pros now out there.  Can't get them in unless you bribe them with marshmallows and hot chocolate.
 Merry Christmas!!!  Kids in matching outfits shipped to us from Mimi.

Then end of 2012 ended with Papa and Grammy heading to Columbia to visit family.  We had Lola and Bird here for a few weeks.  Look whose in love and guess which family is liking having a furry friend???

Okay, so this post has not blown your mind with  excitement, this I know....its a catch and I will attempt to make this loss of time up to you in the near future.  Some way, some how.

Ive missed a ton and Ive added some pretty awful pictures.  If I didn't add anything I couldn't move!!  I missed a lot of exciting things I'm sure like the addition of a fish tank to our home and the loss of Addy's first tooth.  In the future I will try to not spare any boring

This is the okay to move on to 2013.  I hope that since our last visit that your lives have been richly blessed and that this new year has found you and those you love in perfect health.  May this year be a giant blessing to you.

No, dear brothers and sisters, I am still not all I should be, but I am focusing all my energies on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I strain to reach the end of the race and receive the prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us up to heaven. (NLT) Philippians 3:13-14

How beautiful to be a new creation in Him.