Monday, April 15, 2013

January 2013 ....

January 2013 was terribly, wonderfully bittersweet to say the least.  All three of my preciously naughty and wickedly adorable children had their birthdays.  


Every time January rolls in I feel so proud and excited  but deeply heavy in my heart.   There are so many days (don't get me wrong I enjoy fully) inside I am ready for the day to 4:00pm. Then our friend January pops up, the birthdays begin, and I regret every thought about my need for peace and quiet from the prior 364 days. 

I just want the time back.  I selfishly want them to stay this way forever. 

 God has designed this all a particular way and my whimpering and whining would do no good.  In the big picture I am their Mom so I made out pretty good in the scheme of things.  I'm luckier and luckier each day and each step I walk with them.   II must stop mourning the loss of time and celebrating the gift of the moment and the milestone to be. So, I am undigging my heels and going to start taking the steps in stride, pausing often  to thank the good Lord for allowing me to be Mommy to these fantastic creations.

 Drew and George are TWO!
 Happy Birthday !
 Big Six.  Where did my tiny little lady go?  Slow down peanut, Mom is having a hard time with you becoming a little woman so fast.
 Boys chilling dangerously on their new trampoline ball pit. Mom cannot wait to deflate this even though it took an hour of my life inflating it with a HAND pump.
 Life is great!!
 Friends...growing up giggle at a time.
 Giant trampoline ball pits allowed in the middle of the living room ONLY on birthdays.  This thing was RI-DIC-U-LOUS !
Hide and Seek with friends.  Drew forgot to come out and just sat and watched the kids for a while.  At least he can relax and just take life in.  Mom could learn a bit from you my man.

Happy Birthday you awesome creatures!!!

God, I couldn't properly articulate how deeply you have touched my heart with the gift of motherhood.  Without it I dont believe I could have thouroughly grasped just how passionatly you love me.  The unimaginable sacrifice you made to show us all how fully you love and care for us.  You have crafted our every detail Lord and I am in awe.  My prayer is that my children with grow to love you more each year, each day, and that they will desire to bring glory to your name in even the tiniest and silliest of childhood things.. ... The way only a child can.  

  All your children shall be taught by the LORD, and great shall be the peace of your children. Isaiah 54:13

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