Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blessings Overflowing

One huge turkey
Homemade gravy
Cranberry sauce
Mashed Potatoes
Fresh Green Beans
Sweet Potatoes
Brown Sugar Carrots
We hosted Thanksgiving at our home this year.  Believe it or not it was an incredibly laid back day.  Truly no stress. Matt manned the Turkey, I most of the fixings and Addy decorated.  Other than a few burnt rolls the day was a success.
 Drew's first thanksgiving feast.  This boy can eat.  He had quite a time watching everyone and interacting with Papa.  He kept stretching his arms out towards him and trying to touch him with his gooey hands. Papa kept reacting so he kept on doing. He knows when he gets a rise out of people because the naughty behaviors continue with a mischievous grin and laugh.  He is such a handful.  He makes me laugh all day.
 George could not get enough of the mashed potatoes.   Nana was close and kept the animal in control because if you don't move quick with these boys you are sure to hear some growling.  Don't let that adorable face fool you...he WILL get what he wants.
 This was one of maybe 3 photos I got of Addy girl all day.  She is so busy all the time and when I can manage to get a shot she grumbles and acts like a teenager.  Here she is giving me a hard time and hanging with Gramps.  Normally this kid loves meat.  She is a carnivore BUT this year she has refused to eat this 'turkey', says she doesn't eat animals and will never again.  This better be a phase or it will be my fault.
 Dinner buddies.
Love this.  Love them.
 Sitting with the big folks watching the kids boogie on down to some Dance Dance Revolution.  Most everyone eventually danced.  After the turkey comas started to subside, the goofy fun began.  If only I could have had a fly on the wall actually video tape.
Some of the guys just hanging together.
 Addy and Lori planning the moves to destroy Tyler.  These two are good buds.  Addy loves the girls of the house.  Girl Power.  Love this age.  These two were a cute new addition to our holidays this year.
Many new faces at our table. God keeps pouring on the blessings.(The rest of us just another year older.) 

Last year we sat at my Dad and Smoms dining room table and I tried to eat with four legs kicking my plate while I could barely get close enough to eat. Two little boys inside me. So strange.  I was so uncomfortable and ready for the boys to be here.  Its a year later and the boys are closing in on their firsts birthdays.  How does this all slip away so easily?  Almost unnoticed.  This realization gets painful sometimes.  I'm so scared that I will be writing another thanksgiving entry tomorrow...or it will feel like it.  Slow it all down...

Our family is immensely blessed in every way.  Daily life goes by and I forget to just thank Him....there are unending reasons at every turn, in each second. Don't get me wrong, there have been many ups and downs, pain, struggle and loss but in the end it is crystal clear that God shows us His favor daily,moment by moment.  In the pits and on the highest most awesome peaks. How can we thank him in the calm and content times and not in the trials? Through this life I choose to trust Him. Thank you God.

Our God is so good.  

Today I am thankful for my life.  

I am thankful for yours. 

Thankful for a husband who is a real good friend.

I am thankful for healthy , happy children.

I am thankful for healthy family whom I love deeply.

Just plain thankful.  Deeply thankful.

What have I done to deserve His love and blessings ?

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