Saturday, August 27, 2011

Let the Mischief begin.....

This is my view most days.  Over and over and over.  The boys are officially crawling madly and quick. Yes, it is exactly as it looks.  My 7 month old is playing/chewing on cables in a very small crevice between the wall and the couch. Here is an accomplished grin on his face as he knows exactly how darn cute he looks  caught red handed drenched in mischief.  He makes it very hard not to burst into laughter when I see that smile and the way he manipulates his eye brows.  He is the most  expressive creature I have ever met.
 Its already begun. Craziness and the need to go go go. (And I thought having two tiny and needy infants was hard....yikes! )

My husband refers to them as the animals or critters.  The three of them are all over the place, all of the time. I am satisfied and kind of proud when I say that there is not a lot of crying in our home. Boy oh boy though, it is LOUD enough.  My daughter finds it absolutely necessary to sing everything and sing all the time.  Its beautiful really, and the content of her self composed songs are pretty amazing, but the background noise of it can be difficult to manage.  When she is not singing she is typically wrestling with her brothers, breaking into the fridge for 50th time of the day, putting on a dance show to 'Mr. Roboto',making a huge mess with every craft item in the home , acting like a wrecking ball with her buddies next door or shrieking through the house with delight. It is hard to find a place to catch a bit of stillness or a moment of quiet.  It simply is not in our vocabulary  anymore.  Sometimes I am even amazed at myself for the amount of stuff I sometimes manage to do with all three under foot.
 Andrew is so stinking funny.  Most of the time he crawls around with the straightest face or with his lip tucked under like an old toothless man.  Then if he catches someone looking at him he breaks out into the hugest one dimpled smile.  I'm not sure what kind of mood I caught him in here but its so rare it makes me laugh.  He is obviously unimpressed.
 The boys officially play together.  The mumblings are cute but the scratching each others eyes out is NOT.  Too young to understand but I am constantly separating them from the evil claws of the other. Andrew is doing his old man grin here.  I guess this maneuver of the mouth helps with hurting gums. Whatever works.
 Addy loves them to pieces.  This picture makes the house look serene.  Trust me , its an illusion. This is rare.  She is finally able to interact with them and its so great to witness. ( except for the fact that she is constantly picking them up and dragging them around like dolls). They love to pull her hair and chase her around the house.  I always imagined that when this season came that she would lose her cool with them and lash back when they hurt her, but it is just the opposite.  She is so calm and gentle, its crazy.  The boys can be brutal but she's like a little mama.  Thank God He created her with the perfect temperment in the times that its necessary.
 Another fun fun fun time in our home.  Meals ALWAYS look like this.  Actually this is a mild mannered eating experience compared to most.  I read an email once that feeding a baby is like feeding an octopus....its true. Twins is absolute defeat. At some point I gave up bibs altogether because it just didn't help.  Between bites George rams his fist into his mouth.  (Hoping its just a phase. ) We moved them to their walkers when they eat breakfast and dinner because it was pure misery washing two highchairs after each sitting. 
 Makes me tired looking at the messy faces and thinking that I have to begin this process again in a few hours and then again and again and again.
 A pretty cute view.  They are often found on Addy's lap like this.  Awesome sight.
 Someone always gets hurt.
 Poor George is getting his turn.
Now Mama.  Addy is actually trying to save me here.  She is under the strict impression that girls stick together.  This makes us great friends.  We are outnumbered so I guess this is a bonus!Girl Power!( insert a high five)

I hope that every season of your families lives are greeted with eagerness not to just make it through but with a sense of excitement and joy. There will always be messes, housework to do, noise to put up with and mini disasters along the way, so try to just be grateful that the good AND the not so good that is your life is YOURS. Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord.

Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy; then they said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.” 
Psalm 126:2

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