Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One is DOUBLE fun

Its here.  The one year mark.  Hard to believe but true.  The boys have been part of our family, breathing the same air for a whole year.  Its been a pleasure and immeasurable blessing. 

On their actual birthday , which fell on a Saturday ( January 14th....its taken a while to get this post up!), we had a party with friends and family. Most everyone we love was able to make it and we are so grateful for those peoples love on this wonderful day of reflection and celebration.  We made it through the hardest year and everyone is feeling blessed in our home.

 Cupcakes we made for our guests.  The frosting was to die for.
 Addy was very excited for the celebration to begin.  We still had her Number One candle from her first birthday so she thought that was pretty cool.
 My first experience with fondant.  It was an absolute disaster.  The kitchen was covered and this stuff is like glue. We ended up making 2 tiny cakes for the boys to eat or destroy.  Not sure I will ever ever work with this product again.
 Just about ready for guests to show.  Putting out all the snacks and goodies.
 My love bug is so helpful.  She is a little Mommy for our boys and I can always count on her to give me a hand.
Passing out cake and ice cream. Some of the people who love us and some of the decorations Addy, Matt and I got up a few nights prior.

 We sang Happy birthday and cheered before they tore into a cake of their own.  George did not hesitate a moment.  He took the opportunity full speed and by the time he was finished he had almost finished his entire cake!  Safe to say he thought the creation was delicious.
Andrew loved his cake as well but he was not quite himself.  As you can probably see, his eye is red and  the following day he came down with a pretty icky cold and a case of conjunctivitis.  Poor fella.  He did have a fun day despite the germs attacking...lol.
 The boys opening there birthday gifts.  They sat through the entire process.  I couldn't believe it.  They were in awe of all the new and fantastic toys.
The boys and their neighborhood buddy Eli.
Addison spent some awesomely fun quality time with her big cousins.  Undoubtedly her favorite part of the whole day.
 Hers Mommy with her little one year old blessings.  How they have grown and changed my life forever. 
Another proud parent. Daddy loves his men.
Last picture of the entire day. From two adults to a family of five.  This year flew by.  It has by far been the best season of our lives.

Happy birthday Drew and George.  We pray that God continues to bless you in the many many years ahead.  We feel so privileged that you were both given to us. We love you so very much and look forward to each new day with you.

"May the Lord give his angels charge over you, to guide you in all your ways…"
Psalm 91:11

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