Sunday, June 24, 2012

T-ball comes to a close

Baseball has come to a close and it was a fantastic first experience.

Of the many, many extracurricular activities Addison has taken on in the past 2 years, this has by far, been her absolute favorite.  Our goal is to have her give everything a try to find that special one or two things that make her happy outside of home,church and school.  

This is a photo I took watching her final game with Mimi. Of all the things she tried in the game , first base was her most loved. Her and her buddy Kale played beside each other so every time the ball came popping out it was some adorable team work between the two. It blew my mind how focused she was there and how incredibly natural it was for such a little lady.  Such a proud Mama.

This is the little ham on our way to the awards night.
This is a picture with the coveted 'trophy'...oooh aaaah.  This kind of blew her mind .

They handed out the individual and group photos too and this was hers.  Not sure what was with 'crazy eye' but she just looks so proud.  I love to see her feeling joyful and confident.
Addison Lee gregg.....Number 6

Great job ' Indians' !!!

Looking forward to seeing what next season has in store. 

Addy, you are such a love! Watching you grow is so exciting.

 "The king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the LORD; he turns it wherever he will."  Proverbs 21;1

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