Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Crowdtap and Old Navy Chapter 3

This year I have taken an interest into the world of try and tells.  There are so many programs out there waiting for you to get in and help...then they reward you with wonderful opportunities!!  Crowdtap has been the ultimate thus far and I will proudly admit that I check in with them daily.  You never know what they have up their sleeve.

Right now if you logged into my account you would see so much going on.  The most recent 'action' I had completed was the Old Navy shorts sample and share.  I signed up, answered a few questions and patiently waited to hear if I was what they were looking for.  Yup!  Few weeks later I got my very anticipated, 'YOU have been ACCEPTED email' and it was as easy as logging in and it was a go.

Shortly after a package arrived containing a welcome letter and 2 rare coupons.  One for me and when for me to share with a friend.  It was to be a date!! FREE AND FREE. One of the coupons was faulty so they sent a replacement sent straight away then suggested I use the other 'good one' to make it for 3 of us.  How generous!!??

Since it was for three people to participate, I met up with my mother and sister.  We are the quite different shapes and ages so I thought this would be an opportunity to really give some true opinions.
They both really didn't get the whole....'we don't have to pay anything?' idea so it was funny.

The section and selection was impressive.  Loved the available styles and colors but my first thought was that there would be no way I could pull off the short styles and no way my mother would even attempt them.  I ran around and gathered most every style and headed to the dressing room. My mother tried on the longer Bermuda styles and liked the plain cut khaki ones.  Originally her heart was set on the cuffed army green pair but the fit was horrible on both her and I.  She is tiny and I'm size four so I was a little surprised.  Both my sister and I tried on a bunch of the short styles because the plaids and surfer prints were just fantastic BUT again the shorts were just inappropriately short.  My sister had her heart set on a particular pair she saw online and couldn't find them either.  For a young girl of 21 I was very surprised that she couldn't find a thing except for a pair of black shorts.
Now, I love Old Navy and this is not my first share.  I had done a workout active wear one last fall that was absolutely amazing AND recently a dress extravaganza that was also so great I couldn't even pick just one....THEN went back and bought more dresses I was so pleased.  THIS share and try had been my least favorite.  Although, we all did find a pair I think it left us to leave a little disappointed that the shorts are not tailored towards 'everyday' women.

Overall it was a pretty good experience.  I am always so grateful to Crowdtap for keeping us people involved and providing such awesome opportunities for regular old people like me.  I was also pleased as always with the staff at the Old Navy we frequent.  I have never met an unpleasant worker.  It makes me want to shop there even more.  We left the store with new shorts, me , I was actually excited to sport my comfy black linen shorts the following day.

If you think about the target group for Old Navy, I don't think this particular line meets their needs.  I'd think it should target the female more curvy woman.... Teens are in the abercrombie and aero phase.  The women of today who shop for their young kids themselves and husbands/boyfriends are the folks who make the money for Old Navy.  It would have been more successful for them if they had taken this into consideration.  I think some real morals on modestly need to be addressed as well.  So, I enjoyed trying but it left me with more than a pair of shorts...I left thinking how we could better dress our families and our own bodies.

Mom in her khaki Bermuda Shorts.

My sister sporting her super comfy and plattering black cotton shorts

My pair of choice was a relaxed linen short with belt.  A tad longer than the majority of shorts we tried on.

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