Monday, May 28, 2012 the nick of time

The month just came and went.  Hours use to do that, then weeks, now its months going by like the snap of the fingers.  Life has just been so ridiculously busy but equally enjoyable.   The old Jenny would refuse to let this go and blog my little heart out but I just cant go there.  I will settle for a sweet recap and move forward from here.


May was the end of the dance year for Addy.  Her recital was on the 4th and Nana and Grampa came to cheer her on with us.  It was easier to watch this year without all the water works.  Years past I had been a blubbering mess. Watching her move and exude confidence swelled my heart but it was more with pride then with sadness at time lost. She is growing into such a wonderful little person.  I am truly enjoying being there to witness each new day with her.

 Proud Nana and Grampa.
 Miss Karen, whom Addy dearly loves, has made dance a truly enjoyable experience for her.
Not many photos were taken but this is one seriously proud Mommy.
The screen introducing her groups number.  Addys name in lights!!


We ventured out for dinner at Papa and Grammys home for the first time with the boys. Addy has been so many times but we were too scared to bring They did so awesome.  I was nervous they would wreck the place and beocme so busy it was no longer enjoyable for us but I was so very surprised at how relaxing it was.  We needed that!!


Addison also started her first year of  T-ball.  She said she didnt want to do it and insisted she not but the first moment on the field it was like a light bulb went off in her, woah....this is what I was made to do.  We will never make her do anything she doesnt want to but we want her to give it all a try.  This is the perfect example of why.

 First hit EVER!
 Looking ready to go. SO focused, its quite amazing for her.
Bend and scoop.  She was having so much fun!
Here she is ready to hit it out of the park.  It was her first real baseball game.  I was so proud!!  Mom, Dad, George and Drew were on the sidelines cheering on our little slugger.


Addy is nearing the end of the school year.  She continues to dress herself and enjoy an interesting sense of style.

The boys continue to keep up with their status as ' double trouble'.  Its one thing to the next around here.  With them there is abolutely no interest in what they are doing, just in the reaction that they get from the beahvior.  Oh Lord....grant me patience!!!  hahaha

 Mom....George did it.  I mean Addy did it.  I mean.....I dont know what I mean.

 Second computer that is on the fritz thanks to two very cute little smiley boys.

 On . Off.  On. Off.  Plllleeeaaaaeeeeee.

The second Mom of the house helps keep a watchful eye.  She has a little naughty streak of her own but without her the boys would probably get loose.


Mid month I turned 34.  Its hard to understand sometimes that I jumped from young and carefree, 18 and my whole life ahead of me.  It doesnt seem possible really.  Its true and beautiful at the same time.  Here I am, happy as a clam in life.  A devoted husband, beautiful home, love filled life and 3 healthy and happy babies.  Heres to AT LEAST another 34 years with these fantastic people.

Thank you for coming over Papa and Grammy and making Moms birthday so special.  We love dipping pizza!
...and we are obsessed with jelly beans.

 After dinner we broke into a delicousCarvel ice cream cake.
George takes a moment to flirt with grammy and pay her in smiles.
 This is so great!!
More ice cream Mom...this Koo Koo Kala aint ready yet!
Love.  Thank you for loving us.  Thank you for loving me.


So there you have it...some of it at least.  There was more to the lovely month but youre just gonna have to wait for it.  This Mom is up too late and needs to curl up beside the best snuggle baby there ever was, Ms. Addy Lee.

It is surely a blessed life we lead. 

"For you shall go out with joy, And be led out with peace; The mountains and the hills Shall break forth into singing before you, And all the trees of the field shall clap their hands."
Isaiah 55:12

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