Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter came and went

 Our Easter weekend celebration started on Friday night with a neighborhood Easter egg hunt.  All of the local Mom's pitched in and filled a mess of eggs then Sara and I got to hiding them while enjoying a nice glass of wine in some semi quiet;)

  It was such a blast for the kids. We had a pizza party afterwards then all the families joined us inside to hang out for several hours.  It was so nice to be able to be a part of this.  The kids got to run wild and the adults got to relax and enjoy some adult conversation. We are truly blessed at every turn. We know the most wonderful people.

Saturday was a blur of 'stuff' to do, baby showers to attend and 'Easter' stuff to get done.  Before we knew was Sunday morning.  Weekends do that around here.  They simply slip away.

The Easter Bunny had arrived.  He left a clever trail of goody filled eggs all the way from the top of the stairs by the bedrooms, to the baskets hiding in the dining room.  He must have done this post eating the carrots we left for him and making a mess out of it ;) Silly Rabbit.
Addy and I jumped out of bed, saw the eggs outside our door and decided to gently wake up the boys.  This was her posing.  All pictures require posing these days with her.  Not sure what she is going for with it, but a kids got to do weird things...that's just how they roll.
The boys were already awake to our surprise and were cheery balls of joy. 
I'd like to say the smiles were just out of excitement for the day but they were not.Both of them refuse to cooperate when I try to get them out of their cribs. This happens after every nap.  I reach in to pick them up, because of course they are standing, holding on to the railing with their arms in I lean in and , yup, they dive .  They move as far away from my grip as they can and laugh their little naughty bums off. This is terribly frustrating with a baby already in one arm, BUT it gets me giggling every time.    
Baskets were attacked and it was so much fun having three active and excited little people for the holiday.  The baskets were filled with incredibly fun things. Coloring books, bubbles, books, walkie talkies, clothes, sunglasses, make was endless.  The baskets were low on sugary treats which was well planned because the rest of the days activities contained heaping amount of cavity causing goodness.
Drew with his new cool Thomas glasses.  He had no real intention of wearing these...he was just in on the photo op. What a little ham he is already.
These huge balls are going to be a ton of the fun in the backyard once the weather gets nicer and more consistent. George loves anything to do with sports.  We are pretty brave with all these toys that have the potential to destroy the inside of our home. 
Shortly after the house was littered with Easter basket grass and breakfast remnants, we got all dolled up to worship our Jesus.  The boys were sporting button downs, chinos and big boy ties.  Thank goodness we were able to squeeze the boys in some much needed haircuts. Pretty cute if I say so myself
Chowing down on some goodies while waiting to get loaded in the van and on our way. He is such a handsome little fella.
Addy was in a carefully chosen plaid gown.  She even washed her own hair and prepped all by herself. Here my little beauty is showing off some cool new light up toys they all received. All the cool gadgets of the morning kept this one very busy and quiet for most of the day.  We had such a busy weekend already so the kids were pretty exhausted from the fun. It was nice to see her relaxed.


Like most days around here, the business of it all made it fly by all too fast.  The service was joyous and beautiful.  We travelled to Massachusetts after to enjoy dinner with my fathers side of the family.  The kids had a blast but before we knew it, we were back home and in pjs ( must say VERY ready for bed myself).

Thank you Jesus for giving me what feels like all the world.  I have Your love, Your forgiveness, Your word and this family.  You have shown me such favor.  What on earth could I have done to be worthy of it all?  

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 8:37-39 


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