Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter happenings

Last Saturday the next town over, where the new elementary school is, a Easter fun day was hosted.  Daddy was on an excursion to Boston with his Brother Mark and his Dad to a 'geek convention'(use your imagination) , and so I was left to make it alone. 

The thought of taking them to this single handed almost stopped me in my tracks, but in the end I refused to let this opportunity get away.  I had to eventually learn to do events like this on my own.  All I would need to aid this venture were the 'squeeker shoes'.  This would ensure them attempting a break away would be heard.  If they did not have these on I probably would have had a nervous breakdown.

Packed the kids up and put the stroller in the van.  The school is minutes away so at least we had that on our side.  We could be home in moments if the need arrived or when the fun was no longer fun.

What a great day!  When we arrived at the school there was quite a turn out for a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  There were games set up, music, cupcake decorating, balloons...the whole nine yards.  After about 15 minutes they directed us on where to do our 'hunt' according to age.  The boys did well in their carriage for the majority of the wait , but I was excited to get them free. 
 The hunt outdoors was massive! Hundreds, maybe thousands of eggs littered the whole back grounds of the school.  Addy was like lightening and grabbed a ton.  I found her afterwards placing eggs on the ground around little kids who didn't get many.  She did this with half her collection.  Proud of her heart.

Inside I took a deep breath and let the boys free. would have laughed at the site had you seen it yourself.  The joy was in the grin and the super fast charging they did away from me.  All you could hear was 'squeek squeek squeek'.  It gave many a good chuckle and really did make the experience easier.  The minute one was not in site, I stood up scanning the crowd, focused on the squeek direction and ran.  I did a lot of hustling around but they had fun and that's all that mattered. We had to hold tight for the Easter Bunny who seems to be a little behind schedule.  I refused to leave without the kids seeing him and getting a photo after all the effort that was put into this to make it happen.  We did see him eventually and got to sit on his lap.  George refused to stay on his lap so I had to get in the picture in order to get them all in it.  The boys thought he was a hysterical yet creepy 'thing'...they kept walking around him and pointing.  Not really in excitement but in awe. I almost couldn't get them away so others could get their pictures done.

 About two hours later we were on our way home.  I made it through and no one was harmed.  My white shirt did not fare well looked like someone had painted it with chocolate kisses.  Good thing I had something to cover myself up on the way out.

Number one....Easter is nothing to do with eggs and candy.  
Its all about Jesus. 

 We could get caught up in boycotting it for how commercialized its become but it really boils down to how you share the gospel with your children.  
Do your kids understand what Jesus did for us?
  Do they know the meaning?  

I firmly believe that its okay to participate in the festivities as long as your family takes serious the sacrifice that was made so we could live, enjoy each other and in turn celebrate Him. My children can love Jesus everyday and having candy in their baskets doesn't make the love any less.  Ask my five year old the story of Christ and she will tell you better than most adults can.
Ask her about the story and she will tell you how if she were there on the day He was crucified, how she would get Him down from that cross and protect Him.  Brings tears just going to that place for me.  
Ask my five year old who she loves more than anyone in the world?  Not her Mama, although she'll be sure to remind me that I am a close second, but she will exclaim God.

Celebrate how you see fit, but remember to share the gospel with your children and family.  Its the greatest gift you can give.  Who else has ever offered you eternal life? Its truth.  Its a gift. Its easy to share.

 God created us to experience joy.  I don't know about you, but eating chocolate and watching my kids collect eggs in the backyard brings me joy.  May this week remind  you of how much God loves you.  

I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God that you may know that you have eternal life. 
 1 John 5:13

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