Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Pressure of TIME...Connecticut

This summer was great.  Busy, wild, chaotic but lovely just the same.  We did so many little things that I cant even remember if you paid me.  So.....over the next few days Im just going to post some pictures of random summer days.  This 18 month-ish milestone has proven exhausting and BUSY ( how many times could I write that to make you fully understand what life feels like here??).

In July we drove down to Connecticut for a Gregg family reunion.  This was the first overnight trip we have been on as a family of five. Van was packed floor to ceiling.  We may have over packed but thank goodness we did because with these monsters, you never know what you may need.

We stopped at Wendys after our almost 3hour drive down in the van.  The kids did a great job.
 We packed the boys favorite 'vaccums'....whats better than a little tidying up in the hotel room.

 Owning the place.
 Room service!!  Here's Addy keeping the boys entertained.
 Most nights we ordered in Pizza and ate family style.
 Nana helping out poolside with a cranky Georgy
 So great to be here with the cousins too.  

The pool was Addys favorite activity on vacation.  After last years swim lessons she has become very comfortable in the water without us.  Works out nice since we really have to work together now that the boys have show interest in the water too.
 Within 2 miles of the hotel there were 3 huge playgrounds and they all connected through trails to one another.  We spent an entire evening here.  

 Plane! Mama, plane!

 The men braving the slide.

 Old school slide like we had back in the day.  The kind that was so hot you couldnt use some

 They LOVED this part of vacation and so did we.  Because of where it was situated they could run wild with no real worries of anyone branching off alone or getting hurt.
 The grounds at Aunt Jeannes home were gorgeous.  We spent most of this day chasing the investigating boys.
 After the reunion  we met up with the cousins at a local beach and let the boys check one out for the first time.  They went nuts!!!  George wanted to move along alone and would flip when we tried to slow him down or caution him.  Drew smiled the whole time and ate a bunch of sand.  Addy collected a disgusting amount of crabs....gross.

 Blurry, but the first picture of all of us together at the beach.  So fun.
 Before the trip began we received new that Mark and Elisabeth had recently become engaged.  Addy was very excited to hear!
 LAst full day there the whole family went to Clinton Beach.  It was amazing.
 Daddy filling our mote.
 Addy and Stacie looking for crabs and shells.
 Grampa and his Mini Me, George.
 Drew, the little innocent looking cherub.
 One cool bathing beauty
 More crabs....yuck.
 Drew being a ham....wearing Mamas glasses and looking mighty cute.
Life is good.  This afternoon at the beach ended about 2 hours in with 2 very tired little men and a disappointed little girl. Mama was pretty bummed too but when the boys melt, there is no going back. 

Vacation was beautiful ad more relaxing than I had thought it would be.Looking forward to what next summer has in store.

 The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs—heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ, provided we suffer with him in order that we may also be glorified with him. Romans 8:16-17

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