Thursday, March 31, 2011

Preserving memories easily...what do Coke products have to do with it???

When we had our first child Addison we were picture crazy. I was on top of things. There were pictures being snapped daily, hourly, sometimes I think she may have mistaken the camera for a member of the family. She now puts a pouty look of disgust on when she sees it coming, much like the look I guess I get when I 'say to much' or 'ask too many questions'. Another way the camera is much like a loved one. Well ,I had the first 2 years of her life documented via very expensive albums, printing of pictures and tons of time lost doing so. The priority became less of a priority until I just couldn't do it anymore. I'm in more of a predicament now that I suddenly have 2 more children and even less time. I'm pretty sure I am actually negative time if that is possible.

ANYWAYS, on to my point. Not too sure what your drink of choice is but I am embarrassed to admit that I am pretty much keeping Coca Cola in business these days. I am addicted to Diet Coke. It started shortly before the boys were conceived. I lived a life of good health and large quantities of water. Nothing else. Then it happened. Pregnancy caused me to become an addict. Caffeine in pregnancy...blah blah blah ( I know I cut back!) I can't share how much I take in a day now because its simply ridiculous....lets just say Diet Coke rocks my world. Its a good friend these crazy days with the adjustment to much less sleep and sometimes none.

ANYWAYS.....back to my point. Coca Cola has this rewards program that is amazing. Inside each box or under each cap is a code. Create an account with and enter them. Its that easy. Each product and size has a different point value. Gather up points and use them on a huge variety of free and discounted stuff. Here's the awesome part. They partnered with and offer an 8 by 11 photo book ( as well as other snapfish products)that you make right on their site for 285 point worth and you ONLY pay the shipping. You pick all the pictures, the colors, the layouts, you can even add text and special effects. Presto!!!!!.....gorgeous album made and shipped to your door!!! SO these days I don't bother with time consuming documentation of the kids. No more guilt either :)

I am all about spending every second I have with them and it being real face to face time. Always looking for more ways to do so. They are only small once and God
has given us this awesome task but only one chance to do it. Whats more important?...making memories with your kids or documenting them? Now we can do both! Enjoy your carbonated beverage today :)


  1. love it! It is like an advertisement... did you send it to coke?? lol

  2. I should they would have helped fund my addiction! xo