Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tiny lives...Gods word in action

This was a note my mother composed shortly after my two sons were born. It touched me. Its refreshing to hear someone speaking beautifully about life, the simple things, instead of the nonsense we find ourselves drawn to everyday. I want to view all the tiny blessings in this manner. They too often go unnoticed.

My Addy......Matt 18:3

by Deb Hughes Moore on Monday, February 14, 2011 at 9:42pm

Jesus said....... “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

(Mat 18:3)

What in the world does that Scripture mean? How do we become as a little children? In the last month or so I've been thinking about this particular passage. I can't think of children without sharing about my most favorite little girl; her name is Addison Lee. I call her Addy. She's a beautiful little person.

Over the last month Addy has navigated numerous changes due to the long anticipated arrival of her baby brothers. Her little heart remains happily open while fully embracing this time of transition. Addy continues to be full of grace as she enthusiastically participates in the JOY filled chaos surrounding her & new brothers Andrew & George. Although it's a wonderful journey truth be told her little world is in constant flux. While observing her in that place, I'm fascinated. I watch my Addy and begin to connect the dots about childlikeness.

I believe a child is a perfect example of how we are to be with God. It’s so simple yet perfect. God would truly like for us adults to be like children.

So what are little children like?

Addy paints the picture beautifully for me.

Addy is dependent and trusting. Her hope is not in herself. Addy has faith daily that her needs will be met and that she will be provided for. Addy completely leans on, depends on someone MUCH bigger than she each day. Moment to moment she rests, she finds peace knowing someone else has her best interests at heart.

Life is not perfect for Addy, nor is Addy perfect (although I certainly believe she is) even in the midst of difficulty or challenge she approaches life in a much less complicated manner than most of us do.

Addy loves magnificently. Addy forgives quickly due to her childlike ability to just let go. Addy keeps very short lists. Addy rarely holds bitterness. She's proficient at moving on to the better thing while pouring out love unconditionally on those who occasionally disappoint her. She fully understands love is important. Addy knows Jesus and she communicates His love daily for those who cross her path.

Jesus uses children as the example and goal for us to strive for in our Christian journey.

I want to be like Addy. What a beautiful desire to become more childlike in God's terms. Life is much more beautiful and simpler there.

I'm grateful to a loving God who knows exactly who to use to get my attention quick......

I love you Addy.

Thank you Mom for this beautiful note and thank you for loving my children so deeply.


  1. What a beautiful post and testimony of the generation of God's love.. Thank you for sharing

  2. Thanks Trish...I thought so myself. Mom has a way with putting her emotions and thoughts into words. Love it

  3. I love this...how truly touching and so full of truth! I want to be like Addy too! I raise my hand and earnestly cry out me...me..me..over here...I want to be like Addy too!Thanks for posting this I am going to share this with a friend...I hope that is okay...?