Friday, June 20, 2014

A CBS first...sisters in Christ

Oh girls , how I miss you!!  I have been blessed by knowing you.

 It had been over a year since I had engaged in an actually bible study outside of our home church , Good News Bible. A friend of mine had recommended Community Bible Study in Peterborough which I had never even heard of .( Thank you Michelle!) I was a bit hesitant because of the commitment of so many months, and unsure of how the boys would do at their first experience in a classroom setting (and without Mom). They can be so unpredictable .....but I really had no excuse seeing that it was the first year that Addy was in school full time and the opportunity was dangling in front of me.  After asking around I was just getting the same thing from each person who had been.....just join!

Well, I'm so very thankful that I gave it a try because it just completely changed my heart this year and it was so refreshing to see The Book of John alongside other women. We broke it down letter by letter, a true Love Story to us!

 Man, it was a HARD year for me. There were some trials that could have just crushed my spirit to pieces ,but I feel like this really just kept my eyes on the Lord. Exactly as they should always be focused.  This beautiful group of women weekly shared their hearts and just fervently prayed for each other, encouraged one another, as only sisters in Christ can.  It was a true blessing. 

Such a completely enlightening study and I have come away with some lovely new friends ! George and Drew have too. I feel like, after going through this study , that I know Christ in such a more intimate way now.  

Jesus, You are so good. You are so faithful. You  just pour on exactly what we need at the exact moment that we need it.

  If anyone local is on the hunt for a Bible Study , I highly suggest this place and this phenomenal group of ladies. I , as well as both boys, had such a perfect experience and are looking forward to September to start up again. If you are at interested, go on and sign up because spots fill up fast .

Matthew 18:20 For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

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