Friday, June 20, 2014

The Lost Hour

 I have lost an hour of me time.  
An hour to do nothing, or an hour to cram in EVERYTHING that needs to be done without interruption.  
The miracle hour......

This is a sacrifice I have been forced to make in order to restore household peace. We have rid our schedules of nap altogether (at least adult initiated ones). Night after night this year, bedtime had becomes tiring and drawn out. All three of them..stinking , rotten, difficult EVERY night ( goes with my whole theory that God created certain children especially adorable for a reason). By the time the bouncing around, bathroom trips, and yelps for water stopped each night it would be ten o'clock.  Much too much for this mom and Dad, I tell you, so bad we would start arguing over who " went in last".  So, as sad as it was to see this glorious special Mom hour disappear, it has led to beautiful bedtimes.  
Mostly, and around here, mostly is success. 

 It hasn't stopped them completely though. 

 These tiny naps happen randomly and in strange strange places.  Sometimes they are naked, next day they could be in a clown costume.  You just never know, which is part of the fun I guess. Too cute for words. I now have a good dozen of these pictures captured on my phone. I mean, what really is cuter than these? All in all...this is proof that I am capable of wearing out two very energetic 3 year olds ( and puppies).  My first grader ( almost 2nd grader..*tear*)?....not so much. Her battery is always charged and ready to go. If I could harvest a fraction of it  I would be a super hero.

 So, as another milestone of growth has come, it has resulted in no more needing to be in the house from one to three everyday. It has most definitely opened up our lives to more fun and flexibility. We can accept more invites to play dates, it allows us to linger longer when the lingering is good, and it makes for sleepy sweethearts at night. 

This is how we 'nap' now.

I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.

Psalm 4:8

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