Friday, June 13, 2014

A Squirrels Life

Meet Journey. 
 Journey , a six week old abandoned baby squirrel we found back in late May. She had been creeping in the backyard and had sparked the dogs interest. When I was introduced to the seen, she decided I was her lost mother. Her and I locked eyes, lol, and I resisted the urge to run as she approached. Sad, but so stinking adorable.  Addy affectionately named her what she did because it was her new " Journey'...I thought it was sweet and clever. We spotted her out by the sandbox and when she saw me she scurried over and tried to curl up in my pant leg. I was pretty freaked and thought for sure I was going to be bit and contract rabies. It was quite the production out there. 

Matt wide eyes looking at me like I was a lunatic.
I, in a calm, fearless...bahaha.
Dogs lost in a barking trance, licking their chops in excitement.
 Addy crying and afraid the dogs were going to get her.
Matt rushing around trying to keep the kids away, while trying to convince me to walk away from it. Rabiessssssss!!!
Boys rushing me in hopes of having their chance at a possible grab and a closer look.

 We tried repeatedly to return her to the area where we believe her families nest was but she came back to me time after time.  The mother instinct, as silly as it sounds, kicked in my heart and I reached down and she crawled up into my arms.

 We were kind of in a situation because we couldn't leave her out there to be killed by other animals, especially my incredibly interested dogs.  We , at the time had no idea ho wold she was or how long she had been out there.The nights had not begun to warm yet so I was concerned with the temperature dropping and her dying from the cold. 
In the end we had Journey with us for about a week.  I had her in a warmed box out by the tree hoping the mother would return for her.  Then the box got closer and closer to the house until it made it inside. Matt thought I had lost my mind completely.   I kept reminding him that I DID NOTwant a pet squirrel but had a duty to do what was right.  I reminded him also that it would be a super cute thing to remember once I was gone from this earth. 
 " Remember kids when your Mom thought it was a good idea to rescue squirrels ?  She sure was a funny lady."

 Journey had to be fed with a syringe and kept warm so it was less work for me with her close by and I could rest easier. Our every attempt to reunite her with her Mama didn't work, so I got the pleasure of playing Mom to one more creature while we located outside help.  Eventually I did end up finding a wild life rehab and we were able to get her where she needed to be to get strong, grow some more and get ready for a release.  Right now she is in a rehab with 8 other abandoned little ones.

The kids cried when we dropped her off.  The rehab staff  assured us that she would have a new family and for sure be happier.  Addy exclaimed that doing the right thing stinks!  Isn't that the truth in life for many situations. Addy, I feel you my little friend.

It all worked out and it was a neat experience for our kids.  Because their tears broke my heart I let Addy stay home from school and we patched the broken hearts with Dunkin Donuts and a trip to Keyes Field playground in Milford. 

May was a good month.  Despite the weather disapointments, we had an exciting month. Full of good material for later Gregg family stories.

"For all forest creatures are mine already, the animals on the mountains in their thousands. I know every bird in the air, whatever moves in the fields is mine."
PSALMS 50:10-11

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