Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bedtime. Getting there...

This is a very happy girl at the end of a typical day. Its about 8:00pm and that makes for a day that is just too long. Why is she smiling ?? Because the boys are going down for the night. What does that mean? Addy gets undivided attention and maybe even snuggles along side an episode of Shaun the Sheep, from both parents
( mind you a cartoon after a mothers heart. No voices to the cartoon, just cute sheep behaving badly).

Praise God I have a husband who participates in the care of our children at every step he is here and not on a to do list or working. He is a gem. A royal pain in the behind with his fresh wit, but I have actually come to know him better than I thought I could. Its like an art....kind of like when you can be in the loudest room with your kids and completely shut your ears off to the nonsense. Its a skill I highly recommend learning.

When we first brought these boys home I thought we would never make it out alive. We have though and we are doing it full of love and patience. As a team. They are actually doing really well with sleep as they grow and we have a pretty great system going on. We have had to adjust it quite a few times but we are always looking out for each other. As most know we spent the first 3 months of George and Andrews lives camped out on the living room floor. Survival mode. At one point we even had a futon mattress as a make-shift bed for the poor soul 'on duty'. We are still on shifts with these five month old buggers but they have graduated to their cribs. Yay Boys!!

Although sleep time at the Greggs still isnt the dream of an experience we wish for, it works. Mommy to bed with Addy at 8:30 ( Mom asleep by 930!) and Daddy is on duty till 3:00am. Typically they only wake once or twice to feed but its quickly back to la la land. I know all you Moms of working Dads probably want to smack me for the sleep I get and wonder how Matt is with this. Well...Gregg men are not sleepers so the time he is up is actually precious Dad refresh time with the quiet. He has always functioned in this way. Of course this Mom still is grateful and well aware of how lucky I am to raise kids in this way. Like I said...I am LUCKY.

So. We are all happy and working it out. In short, its all falling nicely into place. Its even fun if you can imagine it. My children are precious , funny and beautiful. My husband is a stand up man. My friend Sarah said it beautifully.." your spouse is a gift from God (as one of his children) to you. Another good thing to think about is to ask yourself if at the end of your life will you present them back to God better than when he gave them to you, or will they be worn out and beat up?"

God bless you today xo

If you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.Proverbs 3:3:24

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