Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Dad

Drew Arthur Beckler
My Dad

My father is a nut.
Says inappropriate things at inappropriate times to people he sometimes doesn't know.
He does strange things like go to the dump and bring home as much as he can.
Tells horrible jokes.
He worked so much when I was a kid that I would get excited for him to get home just to have him around.
He would crack up his cars all the time from falling asleep at the wheel and I would worry constantly.
Shares his bodily functions and happenings on a daily basis.
Squeezes my knees which I run from.
Can eat 16 english muffins.
Rides loud motorcycles.
Has too many cars.
Worries constantly.

My father is a gem.
He has the kindest heart.
He will obsess about the hurts of others.
He calls almost daily.
He has a hard time getting off the phone because he has to say I love you a dozen times as quickly as he can.
He obsesses about the safety of his children at all times...watch those candles, can he get hurt on that? will they choke...blah blah....(DAD everything is ok!)
He still opens the car doors for his wife.
He hugs and kisses me every time we meet and every time we leave one another.
He spoils my children with attention and goodies.
Growing up he worked three jobs so we could have a nice life.
My Dad is my friend and it makes me panic to think that someday I wont have him.
My Dad has diabetes and doesn't take care of himself.
I give him a hard time every time we are together and try to explain how badly I need him around.

My Dad is the best and I love him dearly. The passage of time makes my heart skip beats I swear. Ive learned too well in my life that people can be taken from you with no notice at all. That's why I wan to be like my Dad and love my family with everything that I am and let them know how important they are at every turn. Dad is an amazing role model on how to love. I love you Dad. You are a blessing and I am grateful that out of all the men in the world, God gave you to me.

Happy Fathers Day

Hear, my son, your father's instruction, and forsake not your mother's teaching. Proverbs 1:8

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