Sunday, June 26, 2011

Downer to Upper ...........

As I previously shared, its been a hard month. Yesterday turned my heart back upright ( at least we are the right direction). Its was Addison's third dance recital and I was on the go go go. Woke up with the boys way to early to mention the obscene time and didn't stop till bedtime which was far too late for a 4 year old....past ten! I was so tired on the ride home that I confessed my irrational fear to my husband, that I may have early on set dementia...driving the usual road at one point looked completely unfamiliar. I eventually stopped being a spaz and chalked it up to exhaustion. At the end of a typical day I feel like I lost my smarts....this day was an extreme version of that.

A huge thank you to all the family that made the trek over to see Addy perform. She was so excited and this Mama loves to share these momentous occasions with the ones I love. A heartfelt thank you to my Mom in law and father in law for opening their home to everyone afterwards. Certainly a day that will not be forgotten
( although I was relentlessly given a hard time and teased by my father and husband....mildly

An even bigger thank you to the God that placed me where He did. I don't think He had any problem in His time of my creation, He knew I would be in good hands. He knew how the story would unfold and I am loving my part. My hope is that even in the fun and silly times I continue to bring Glory to His name.

Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did experiencing this time. Here are some picture highlights to what turned out to be day wrapped in awesomeness ( yes...that is a word). Did I mention how after a long beautiful blessing filled day, I feel like a complete fool for thinking life terrible and dark? Maybe I just needed a wake up call. Enjoy xo

( I still cannot manage posts well so the pictures are not in pretty order...I was born way before technology became so difficult. Im pretty sure my daughter could figure it out before me)

Let your love be sincere ; hate what is evil , but hold fast to that which is good. 
Romans 12:9

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