Wednesday, September 14, 2011

...and Soccer has begun. It's in our blood.

 Soccer, Soccer, Soccer...yeah, we can finally have a sport playing kid instead of all the dance stuff.  The pictures are not in order of how they were taken but I wanted to share anyways.
 Over the past year we have had some worries as to whether Addy would wind up a handful with some of the behaviors we had been seeing.  Things have really turned around.  I can't pinpoint what exactly contributed to this change but she is a new girl.  Still has her spunk but is able to concentrate and follow directions.  This is her waiting on the direction on what to do next.
 Getting there I could sense that with all the excitement there was a bit of hesitation.  She had no idea what to expect of this ' soccer' we have been talking about since last June.  She stayed pretty close and with things that are new these days I get a slight tug of 'stay with me Mom'.  Its not often that I am needed by her for more than nourishment and art supplies these days so I hold on just as tight as she does.  After a moment or two, she does warm beautifully, usually after noticing a child feeling like her and walking over and offering a hand and smile.  Each time she walks away I get a knot in my throat.....I know its part of growing up, but its' proof that she can do it without me ( which I am very proud of but still makes me cry even writing about it).
 Lo and behold she knew lots of the kids.  Our old neighbor pal Ella was there and so were two friends from school ( not to mention the numerous slightly familiar faces from the town pool and town events). Along with another close girlfriend Phoebe , there was also her little crush of two years.  The beloved Drew.  She ran to him and they held hands.  I thought it was precious( at this age), Daddy just shook his head.  My Mom in law got some pics of them together so I will add them when I am smart enough to figure it out.
 Man oh man did she pick it up quick.  I was fighting back tears....seriously, I have been doing that a lot lately. Either I am getting old or pregnant......the later is quite impossible considering how much time we have on our hands here. 
 Learning to dribble with Daddy.  Just look at that little cute outfit and body on her!!  Like a real grown up kid!
 Also learning to stop the ball.  This was harder than just belting it into the distance.
 Fun with team spirit.
 Laughing with the kids after a very long and actually strenuous looking practice.

 The Crew.  The Vipers.  They have a cute little tough way to say it with a hand motion too.  This coach is top notch.
 Minor meltdown.  She needed to pee and thought that she wasn't allowed to leave and go.  I assured her it was ok to take a break but she does not like to break any rules ( at least not with other adults).  The little gal on the left is Phoebe, one of Addy's good buds from school.  This is their second year of preschool together and they also did dance last season together as well.  I think we will be seeing a lot of this little girl in the many years to come.
 Drills of dribbling and of running.  You wouldn't believe it unless you saw her for yourself.  I know I am her Mom and Mom's are obnoxious with their insatiable love for their kiddos, BUT...this kid is fast!  Not a little , not one of the fastest...THE fastest.  I could not believe my eyes.  Every run she was rocking it. Track and Field in our future.
 Taking them up and back. They did this so many times I lost count.  Kids were melting everywhere from exhaustion.  I was quite surprised that they did as much as they did.
 Dribble. Dribble. Dribble.
 Starting to feel confident.
 Feeling proud....
 ......and so was her Daddy.
 Go Addy , Go!

 The end of the day.  A success and a beautiful memory.  Luckily Nana, Papa and Grammy were there to join in on this exciting new first.  They were able to play with the boys so Matt and I could take part.  Poor them with the bugs being so horrendous and me bringing the most ineffective bug spray ever.  George is covered in bug bites...they cannot be too different.

Another beautiful day.  Kids slept like rocks....not a peep from any of them until 7am.  Thank you God for these perfect weather days and for wonderful family to enjoy it with.  Thank you , in days like these , for the slowing of time.  Thank you for opening our eyes to the goodness, to the grace, to the blessings, to the understanding that your love provided all this for us. 

“The Joy of the Lord is my strength.” Neh. 8:10

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