Sunday, September 25, 2011

DREW number TWO

There are three very special men named Drew in our lives.  Two most of you know very well.  My Dad and one of our baby boys.  Then there is ....Dreeeewwww ( said with a tone of girlish taunting).
Part of the fun( and somewhat not fun) of raising a little girl (at least in our experience) is the instant love and interest in little boys. It seems to be part of the genetic make up. We try not to pay too much mind to it, but she certainly does a lot of talking about this little man.  Who knows, maybe this will be a cute little love story.  Twenty years from now of course.

Addison and Drew go to the same preschool and this is their second year in it together.  She was joyful on learning he was in her class again....then to spot him quite a distance away at her first soccer practice, well...that was even more exciting.  The grin, the fluttering eyes...yikes!!  She immediately ran to him and grabbed his hand.  Even asked me to take their picture.  

How unexcited I am to imagine there may (will) come a day where this precious little child gets her heart broken or is turned away.  Cant go there, don't want to even imagine. I pray that when those times come, like with any situation, that God places on my tounge the exact words she needs to hear. Words that lift her and set her eyes on God and His promise for her. ...that we could successfully provide the guidance she will need to navigate this world and all the gloomy places as well as the joyous occasions. May Truth be the light her feet follow and I be the arms she falls into.

She is going to be a lovely little lady.  She is going to have a beautiful life.  She will always be my number one girl. She was created by Excellent Hands and born to parents who adore her.

God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns. Psalm 46:5

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