Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day 2011....not an ounce of work

Addy, the best friend a brother could ask for.  What an awesome gift she is to Drew and George.  Watching life unfold is going to be a blast for us. 

I wrote this huge Labor Day blogpost and for some very sad reason it erased!!!!  I am so bummed as I sat and used an hour of time yesterday making it perfect.  Crushed :(
So......I give up on it.  Here are some pictures from the day.  I'm too bummed to try and redo it.  It just wouldn't be the same.

Tuckered out after a full day of play.  Sometimes  receiving so much love can be exhausting.  This is proof. Oh , how I wish to be to able to have some of what they are having.
Daddy and George have some good adult conversation.  Adult and conversation do not typically roll off either of our tongues.  Feels good when it does though.

Colin and his buddy Drew.  When Matt and I first met , Colin was just a little fella himself.
Jade....master baby sitter.  How lovely it was to be hands free most of the day.  To watch from the outside is so fun.  You get to see the life you love and carefully created in action.  How cool.
I will be forever grateful to this little sweetheart.  I was Jades Pre-K teacher many years ago.  Her and I were pals before I ever knew a Matt Gregg even existed.  Yes, you guessed it....a tiny little girl played matchmaker many years ago and the rest is history.  Two fell in love, got married, had three kids and a happy life.
Snapped this picture because it was a hoot watching her attempt to handle them both on her own.  This is me most days and by the end of the evening I am exhausted and sometimes frustrated.....for her it was bliss.
Grampa George's older sister Carol.  She and George hit it off real nice.  This was the first time Grampas siblings met the boys. She is a natural as you can tell.  She gave off a good vibe because the boys went right to her.
Grampas family was set up much like ours today.  His parents had Carol first and then when she was about Addy's age, she welcomed twin brothers too. 
Swing rides for the boys and everyone else too.  The highlight of all Gregg events.

George was having a great time.  He doesn't always wear his joy on his face.  He is a funny little soul and always evaluating everything around him.  Curious to see what he will become as an adult....rocket scientist maybe?  I'm excited to see.
She was so amazing with all 3 of the kiddies.  She has such a soft side to her ( and she is sporty, artistic, kind and most obviously gorgeous).  She is a little tomboy in a lot of ways but she got right in there with the Little's with such sweetness.  Surprisingly handled them super and I sat and watched...from a chair, by myself, soda in hand....yes.....it was delightful.
Theres the happy guy I know.  Watching all five of the kids rolling in the grass brought me such happiness.  It makes me want to have a bunch more children of my own.  If pregnancy wasn't so torturous I would continue having children until the Lord closed up shop for us.  Who knows.  Maybe we will brave that road again someday.  My mind is not made up yet and Matt has made it clear that he doesn't want to be done.  He would just keep making them and no doubt he would be amazing regardless of the number of kids.  He was made for it.  Until we figure it out I will keep him at arms length...lol.
Nana Banana as Addy lovingly calls her.  Her and Grampa are such a blessing to us.  She makes me feel like I am her real daughter and is always going out of her way to show the kids that she loves them.  I'm convinced she would do absolutely anything for someone she loves.  So would Grampa.  They are always trying to feed us, stock our shelves and they even happily babysit for us.  Once for nine hours!!   There are very few people I would trust will my children for any amount of time. What a blessings to grow up in a deeply loving family.
This is Uncle Larry, Grampas identical twin brother.  I caught a few careful looks from the boys...must of been confusing to be with two Grampas.  They really do look and sound a like.  Both wonderful men.  To think that my boys will someday be grown men with Grandbabes on their laps males my heart skip....time does go by that fast it seems. Fear rolls over me in these times and I stop and thank God for life and give him my burden of fear, anxiety.  He is faithful to relieve this weight and happily carries it. If only I could make time stand still and just enjoy where we are right this moment.  Something I work on all the time.  
One of the few cuddles I got in all day.  It was nice though and much needed for all of us.  They are really into new faces and are probably really sick of seeing me twenty four hours a day.  I love his tender face and his hand over my heart.  I love you Andrew...please don't grow up any quicker.  
The girls playing along with nap time.  Addy looks up to Jade and adores being with her cousins.  Together they did a great job.
I love this attachment to the swing.  It makes you feel weightless and about five years old.  Even the old folk love a good swing every now and then..:)  I sat in the swing and thought about Liberty a while.  Still makes me sad thinking about her not being with us anymore.  She is buried beside this beautiful tree.  Couldn't think of a better spot.  Miss her terribly still.
Well, there it is.  I find myself not really writing about anything of much importance her in the blog.  I am aware that this is not overly exciting or things you haven't seen before. b  Its meant to share a little piece of us with people we love (even if it looks like a bore from the outside)...people  like you. Ive realized over the past few years that it is not about the big exciting things, its about a simple life.  I'm ok with that.  I hope that you view your life in this way, simple or extravagant, and with a deeply grateful heart. 

 God created us and the life we live. Its a huge, beautifully wrapped gift.We are not promised a day, minute or second more. God wrapped each breath up and watches you open it....the smiles, wounds, the bump in the road .....He is watching it all. Smiling and crying with you. Ready to gently pick you up when you are too weak to stand and your biggest cheerleader in times of triumph. What a joy to know you are not alone..What a joy to know that to Him my life is not so boring, its success....my life is a gorgeous gift.

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