Thursday, September 15, 2011

Freebies last week...

Tuesday: Wall Street Journal, Sample pack of Huggies and a money saving coupon.
 Wednesday: Wall Street Journal, 10 pack of gorgeous personalized business cards and a Slapgear watch.
 Thursday: Mens Health Magazine, Popular science Magazine, Popular Mechanics Magazine, Outdoors Magazine, 4 samples of Lactaid with coupon and 2 Huggies money saving coupons.
Friday: Two Huggies onesies, 4 Gerber coupons, sample of Astroglide, Wall Street Journal and a coupon for Good Start formula.
Saturday:Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, O Magazine and a free box of gently used clothes from Thredup with a credit I got for signing up ( had a large enough credit the S&H was free too)

12 pieces of clothing from the box I got for free.

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