Thursday, July 7, 2011

Do the undone

How did you fill the dent of a horrible scar? How do you fix something with no pieces to put back together? How can you undo something that cannot be undone? This is how I feel today. This is how I have felt for weeks. Requesting prayers for a number of families today.

Praying for my dear friend Casey who lost her fiance Keegan,to complications from chemo treatments this past week. Pray for her daughter and for his grief full family. Pray that God welcomed him home with arms wide. Pray that God would lift up those hurting today and that this tragedy would bring about some goodness in the cracks of his loved ones broken hearts. May this bring people who don't know Christ, closer to Him.

Praying for my friends Shaun/ Kelly and the Maher family whose family member was murdered early this morning during a home invasion. May God continue to make His presence known to them and help to keep their eyes focused on the promise of a loving God.

Praying for some friends who are still wrestling with the sadness of losing their pregnancy. God is already in the works here but I pray that His will be shone brightly on the path ahead of them. Praying that this is not the end of this story.

Praying for another couple we know who is in the trenches trying to create life. May they continue to heal from their recent pregnancy loss and be healthy and ready to conceive once again. Praying for the doctors hands that they may guide them exactly through each step to get them the family they deeply desire. Praying that this trial brings them closer to Christ.

Praying for a local family who are about to come upon the one year anniversary of the husband/fathers passing. Praying their hearts are filled with wonderful memories instead of memories of terrible loss.

Praying for a neighbor who is counting the days till the reuniting of her family with the husband she has missed dearly. Please bring him safely home in the weeks ahead and keep them enjoying the days until the reunion instead of wishing time to pass.

Praying for a sweet old highschool friend who is going through a divorce and moving in a new direction. May God give her the heart and the tools to guide her children along in the difficult times ahead.

Praying for a loved one as he makes important life decisions. May he stumble upon Gods truth and learn to lean in...for him and for his children so that they can be guided by a God fearing upright father.

Praying for baby Oliver, that this very early birth would not affect his growth in his long lifetime ahead. May he grow to be a wonderful young man who continues to bless this wonderful family.

In the middle of all this praying there are beautiful things happening. Faith is being restored, friendships coming back together, love poured out freely and people giving their lives up to a God who weeps with them. Thats exactly what God is doing when your heart is breaking and you feel like just giving up. I pray the Lord gives me the strength to continue to encourage these people I love and that He would put the right words on my tongue in a time of sadness and unbelief.

 For God hath concluded them all in unbelief, that he might have mercy upon all.Romans 11:32

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