Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Family Portraits ....xo

Almost two weeks ago we had our family pictures updated. The boys just recently hit the six month mark. We knew that this first year was going to be one with amazing growth, one we would regret not capturing in all its glory. If you look back to where this journey began, the changes are just wild. It had taken so many hurdles and years to build The Gregg's up to where we stand today so we are doing our best to document it all. I could write a book......

George I love those mischievous eyes and that joy filled smile.

He is delicious. Couldn't you just eat him?!

Loving the crazy hair too. He is a very unique looking little man.

The dynamic duo.

Andrew Lee.....the sweetest little soul in the house.
This is my view. Even on the cruddiest nights sleep I wake to these little minis all sleepy and wanting Mommy cuddles, it feels good. Man does it feel good.
This boy is like a faucet I tell you. There is always something dripping from it. I am very use to wearing stained shirts and most who know and love Drew are with the understanding that they WILL leave his company with some kind of spot on them.

A thinker for sure. He is often pondering something but the second he catches you looking his way he returns the love with a dimpled smile.
Why can't they stay like this forever?
The joys of teething have come to our home.....times two.
You can see just by the pictures how different their personalities are. George loves a camera. He will perk up for it instantly. Drew would rather be chewing his fists.
New favorite thing, playing in the grass.
Love at first sight. I wish I knew what she is thinking in that little head of hers. Addy you are simply the coolest child on the planet.
My little ham.
The outdoors are her thing. She would be outside sun up to sun down. This is Addy.
They really interact now which is such a hoot to watch. They adore her. Matt and I could be doing the funniest faces and being absolutely the most fun parents you could imagine and everything stops when she enters the room. They take off like its their jobs just to be closer to her.

One of the best gifts you can give your child is a playmate for life. This is what joy looks like.

So there is is. My blogs are all the same and I imagine they are pretty sicky annoying with me speaking and writing about how amazing my children are ALL the time. I get it. If you understood how hard this road has been or walked any portion of it with us..... you would get it. This took years,money, blood/sweat, tears and a team. My hearts desires became reality with the help of some pretty wonderful medical staff and a God that saw us through. There is not one day, even on the worst of the worst, where I don't get on my knees in gratefulness.

I will give You thanks, for You answered me; You have become my salvation.
Psalm 118:21

If you are looking to find a very reasonable photographer to capture where you are in your lives, this woman is amazing. You won't regret it.

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