Wednesday, July 27, 2011 on my legs

Sometimes something is said that absolutely tickles my bones. Being a Mom, it is very difficult to keep these moments fresh so I figure I would add them to my site. The number of things one must remember on any given day will surely erase all these moments of cuteness at one point or another from my half brain.

Addison was swinging on her new swingset that her Daddy is so lovingly constructing for her. Daddy was getting a little tired and silly. The pushes were getting higher and more ridiculous. I swear he forgets she is a wee four years old. Anyways.....I eventually gave the Mommy warning that the wicked pushes must come to an end. Daddy laughed in delight that he was able to rouse me but Addy was highly disappointed. Her swing came to a sudden stop, she looked at me in swing position , from behind a wall of bangs.

"Mom. I am a big kid now. I got hair on my arms AND my legs."

Who can argue with that. She is quite hairy...... and very clever. I waved my white flag and gave my ok for them to act as moronic as they saw fit. Andrew was laying on me in the hammock so I just held to him because I am so obviously losing the coolness quality I thought Id wear as a parent......the least thing this boring , fun destroying mother could do was rock the minis to sleep. Im so totally good at being THAT kind of mother.

How did Addy go from a tiny Andrew sized infant to a back talking four year old with a quick wit? When did she get an opinion? When did she learn to be a real kid? I'm in big trouble.

Thank you God for allowing me to back down sometimes and trust in the little things. Thank you for allowing me the ability to wave the 'white flag' sometimes and just go with life. Pretty sure Jesus would have given His consent to swing away and have fun.

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.
Proverbs 22:6

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