Wednesday, November 9, 2011

..and she wears it on her arms.

Getting everyone shipped off to bed this evening I noticed some interesting designs on Addison.  Curious, I questioned her. If Matt hadn't been there I don't think he would have believe how stinking cute and creative our little lady is.

Mom- "Addy, why do you have pen on your arms?"

Addy- "  They are crosses."

Mom- " Why do you have crosses drawn on your arms? "

Addy- " So that when people see my arms they know that I love Jesus.  Its because I do."

What could I say to that?  I gave a 'Hmm, interesting." I glanced at my husband, shrugged my shoulders, kissed her and turned out the lights. Now if we could all only wear our love for God on our sleeves as a public sign of affection for Him. Does he not deserve everything we are and everything we have?  He died for us.

Too often we silence ourselves for fear of ridicule or for fear that we would be under some kind of youre a weirdo or something. What I think is weird is NOT sharing it with others.  
Why would you not share the truth with those around you? 
Do you want to keep Him all to yourselves? ( lol) 
Are you embarrassed?
Are you feeling ill equipt to answer questions? 
Its easy.  Answer what you know and educate yourself on how to share the Gospel. None of us have all the answers, thats why we walk in trust and in faith. Equipt yourselves and spread the word. Let your life be an example so that others wonder what it is that fuels your families awesomeness. When they ask...tell them! After all...if a four year old can do it, pretty sure we all could.

 Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly.
Colossians 3:16

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