Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just another day...

Nana came by for visits this night.  Showering her little folks with love and attention.  What a great sport getting into a teeny tiny tent.  I can barely get in and out myself when I get guilted into going in.  If I could justify trapping her in there I would so she would stay forever.
We had given the boys sink baths in the kitchen and she inquired why she wasn't able to have one too.  Other than the fact that she weighs ton and is way too big...there was no real answer.  So into the sink she went.  Sometimes its all they need, to know they are just as important and as loved as the rest.
After baths the boys spend a bit of time in the diaper.  Mostly because they have exhausted us to this point and catching them and fighting them to put clothes on is more than work. We recharge for a moment... and its real fun to observe Drew post bath.  Its like he has lost his mind or his battery has been overcharged.  Grinning ear to ear, he darts from one side of the room to the next.  Kind of like what puppies do after a bath to get warm.  Its so hysterical to watch.  Its almost worth the trouble of cleaning two octopus in the tub just to see him in action.
George is happy post sink time too but he is the more relaxed of the two.
 He always looks so sweet and innocent but who knows what he is really up to.  I think the quiet ones are the ones to be watchful for.
Taking a breather.
Most of the big folks get wet during night time rituals so we have to get changed as well.  Addy and I happened upon these adult pj's at Walmart and she insisted I get them. They would be the perfect kitty costume for trick or treat.  They are so ridiculous I know,  but to tell you the truth , the most comfortable pajamas in my drawer.   My husband is next in line for a pair...if I can only find giant sized ones.  He agreed to wear some...although I am assuming he based his answer on thinking I wont be able to find him some.  I will.  Oh yes I will.  I will post pictures too
House of footie pj's. Poor Daddy...odd man out.
Drew.  The one kid in the house that actually bears a little resemblance to me and my side of the family.  Figured the nuttiest of all the kids does.  Fits me and my side of the family well I suppose.
In our cat like get ups.  At this time of night I sometimes get a little bit of Addy snuggles before I get the expected and obnoxious, 'Mom !'re squishing me.  You're giving me a headache!"  During the day she is on the go go go and its hard to get her still.  I savor these moments.  My thoughts are these moments will become even rarer as she approaches the big '5' birthday. Little does she know I will still expect this when she is twenty seven.
Jungle Gym daddy. If you look closely you can probably I Spy them all. He enjoys laying just about anywhere and letting them  go nutso. I sit back and encourage them to expel all available energy reserves. This is his relax time if you can believe it.  When he comes home from work it is ALL hands on deck if we want everyone ready for bed by eight. Even after the kids are to bed it is not all that relaxing around here because the boys alternate wake ups ( and we cant bear to let them cry)  If that wasn't draining enough, this seasons colds make for frequent unhappy breathers and even more needs for Mom and Dad.
George is all over the place.  My house used to be situated nice....every piece of furniture in its place but we have taken to moving things just to keep George out of danger.  He will b-line towards a visible plug 100 feet away.  The kid is a daredevil.  He loves this corner of the living room so much that we actually had to move the living room couch up against the cabinets too thwart his attempts.  We have nothing else up our sleeves so I'm hoping he gives up.  Until he starts getting on the couch alone....which is just about to become a reality.
Mr. Blue eyes, what are you thinking about? Please be kind and keep out of trouble.
Addy. Addy. Adddddyyyy.  Quit it with treating the floors like a feed trough.  No lie, this happens twice a day. The kid does what she wants in the name of 'helping the boys'. Thank goodness for the dust buster. Best invention to date.

"Blessed are the people who know the joyful sound! They walk, O Lord, in the light of Your countenance. In Your name they rejoice all day long, And in Your righteousness they are exalted."  
Psalm 89:15,16

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