Thursday, November 3, 2011

Few October Pics

 Just a few pictures I had lying around that I found adorable.  This is Addy ready for school.  She has style like no other.  The glasses were not to be funny either.  She put them on as part of her outfit. She walked out the door like this.  Hope it made the teachers day.
 My minis.  Early morning....most calm and pleasant time of the day. 
Had to put this up because there is not much cuter than this. Last fall they were inside my body.  Isn't that wild? I was  six months pregnant and they were half cooked. Now they are teething, eating, laughing, crawling and playing.  All out of perfect!

Its been a good year.  There have many times of trial but the goodness of life always prevails. God is still good. God is faithful.

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