Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Creations

As of recently I have required myself to get back into the things I once loved so dearly.  Anything creative.  Taking baby steps but enjoying every second.  Its funny how something so silly can make you feel alive again.  Like maybe I am a person other than the caretaker of many.
In the womb George and Drew were known as 'A' and 'B'....so I had a little fun with it.
This was just funny for our family because we are all deeply in love with condiments.  Only fitting that we refer to each one of the boys as one. We do love them so and they are very delicious little critters..
Now that the boys are all over the house we have been trying to enforce (gently) the no shoe house policy. I cannot keep up with the sandy floors or dirt covered hands and knees. 
Someone suggested having new socks aside for visitors to wear in case they did not have any or were chilly. So...I decorated some.  Most are ridiculous but its all in good fun. This was a good time.  Nothing too intricate but it got the job done.  Here are the feet of my Smom and baby sister wearing the super fashionable Gregg socks.  If this isn't incentive to come visit , I don't know what is.
New hobby .  Hair bow making.  This is so very amazing super quality goodness therapy. Did you follow that? Most nights of the week I sit for hours on the sofa with piles of ribbon in my lap. Hot glue gun going, lots of sore burnt finger tips, but this brings joy to my heart.  Oh how I love to create something out of nothing. (Kind of like making super awesome humans out of practically nothing at all.)

In creating anything there is something so magical. Imagine that same welling pride in the heart of God...master creator of all.  Pretty cool.  God you reveal yourself to me in the most unlikely of places.
 This is hair bows gone wild.  Every fashioned hair bow in the house on the heads of the craziest of people I know. 
 Yes, Dad is one of them.  He is the cutest.
The tiny parts of me that were becoming less recognizable  are starting to show themselves once again. I thought I was lost.  God is opening up so many things for me.  Allowing me to see that there can be more to life than exactly what is in front of my eyes.  He shows me I can take the gnarliest of material, scraps of nothing and the dullest of medals and create. I can make beautiful things. I can redeem what was once considered ugly. How perfectly does that apply to what we sometimes think is unfixable or damaged or forever changed. 
   No matter the circumstance you find yourself in, God makes a way for  you to start anew.  To basically start over as a new and pure creation. Forgiven, fresh and clean. A masterpiece. Be the shiny gift he intended you to be.  Pick up the broken pieces and lay them at His good feet.  Tell Him you are ready to rebuild.

And not only so, but we also joy in God through our Lord Jesus Christ , by whom we have now received the atonement. 
Romans 5:11

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