Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October for reals....?

I wait all year for the fall.  Its like a taste you can only experience once in a great while.  Its playing mean tricks though because instead of gorgeous brisk days that we have been pining for all year...we are shoveling snow.  Not inches....feet.  This has every good Mom furious as our laid out plans of happy kids ( outdoooooors all afternoon), sunshine coming through the windows, leaves blowing around and showing off their colors has been destroyed and turned into wet EVERYTHING. Its also made way for generous amount of time by the back door putting on endless layers of clothes for the young ones while they whine.

Ok...done with the dramatics.  I am over the idea of a perfect fall.  I am not angry anymore that Trick or Treat had been cancelled.....even though I think its a crime of sorts. Lord , I hope I live to see another fall because I did not get my fill enough.

Here is fall...New England Style.
Andrew meets snow for the first real time.  Mom does not like the cold so this is typically as far as I go.  It was a first so I had to take part.  He enjoyed playing with Daddy and having a ride on the sled with the big kids.
All three in the snow.  The boys were made for this weather.  I couldn't watch for long because neurotic Mommy came out and was having anxiety over the temperature, their poor little cold noses....etc etc.
Kids will really make the best of anything.  Life is so easy for them.  To have the mind of a child for just an hour a day could be good medicine.
Braved it with my George for a few. He was grinning ear to ear.This child wears joy on his face for every new occasion.  

As the cold of snow in the time of harvest, so is a faithful messenger to them that send him: for he refresheth the soul of his masters. 
Proverbs 25:13

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