Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween Festivities

The Halloween festivities may have been rearranged because of the storm but they still happened. We had two nights out trick or treating on different evenings, a church harvest party and still managed to carve pumpkins in between.
Daddy and his little bits posing with our freshly carved jack-o-lanterns.
Daddy being funny.  He took forever to get his finished.  The kids and I had 2 done before he was even close.
Pretty girl with with big old pumpkin eyes.  So pretty.
Waiting on Daddy.
All three done and ready to be lit and put on the front porch.
 Our front steps had pretty much collapsed prior to the week of Halloween so we were dealing with this as well as the feet of snow we had too.
Addy as Kitty.  Mimi made this costume for her.  Since we got it, she has put it on countless times and crawls around the house like the real thing.  This will be a beautiful addition to our dress up box.
Addy picked this costume out for me too.  Worked great because I could layer up and be warm for the several outdoor activities.  I will most certainly use this again as pj's.  They are so comfortable.
Addy taking a break out front to get a photo with some of her neighborhood friends.
 The 3 Gregg boys all ready to rock the candy buckets.
How cute is this?! Our neighbor lent us the cow costume and I got Georges lion costume from a second hand clothing site.
The boys got too cold on our second night out so Daddy to them home to hand out candy.  Addy and I braved another hour plus.   Two cool cats.
Trick or Treat!!

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